Life Lessons from the Year 2019

Oh! yes. 2019 was indeed a year. Starting with positive vibes and glamour, one could think it was going to be one of the best of years.. but was it?

Things, both the good and the bad happen just in a twinkle of an eye. Both the unprecedented and foreseen situations really arise. But in all, you must learn to hold on for a little more while because the brighter days are just a few miles away.. Surely they are!


LESSON 1: Expect the Unexpected.

Have you ever sat to wonder why a particular thing happened without a prior notice? Have you ever been like.. “oh! sh!t. I didn’t see that coming? Well, life just happened and sh!t happens too. 2019 came with it’s ups and downs. Things I never imagined could happen actually happened to me and as sad as those situations were, they were enough to lead to depressi0n.


The past year came with a mixture of joy, happiness, fear, sadness, grief, stress, depressi0n, encouragement, discouragement, love and all of that. But of course, I learnt that dwelling on the negative sides weren’t going to make things any better. I finally learnt that provided you are still alive in planet earth, you should learn to expect things you never actually planned for, because anything can still happen…at anytime… even without your consent.


LESSON 2: Smile, Regardless.

SMILE!!!… Always Smile. Smiles and laughter trigger good horm0nes in the body system and these two are part of the secrets to a longer and healthier life. Even with all the happenings, I still had to focus on the brighter side. Regardless, I still smiled. When you smile, you feel good; and when you feel good, you learn to be more optimistic about yourself, your life, your situation and your environment as a whole.


Smiling at your problems and challenges is one way of motivating yourself and also convincing yourself that you are still bigger than those problems of yours and that your God is still in charge of the situation. Honey, you don’t own all the problems in the world.. So please…Smile! Shine those pretty set of teeth regardless of whatever it may be. Laugh out your sorrows and embrace joy. You deserve to be happy okay? Yes! Now that’s the Spirit!


LESSON 3: Learn to Let Go.

The challenges of life come in diverse forms and with various intensity. As such, you may not really be able to handle all situations the what you want to. So was my case. I had issues I was able to resolve with ease. Some were quite tough and took longer time to manage. Some protocols were broken just so as to resolve some but others were simply way out of my capability.


When critical issues arise and you have done all you can to remedy the situation, yet it seems your best isn’t just enough to handle it, it seems like you aren’t even making progress, Sweetheart… learn to let go. Just let it go already! Of course, you aren’t Omnip0tent. So just do your very best and leave the rest for God.


LESSON 4: Give it to Time.

There is a saying that “what will be will surely be.” This assertion is quite true and it goes on to say that whatever is rightfully yours will surely return to you irrespective of the time it takes. It may seem like eternity, but patience is the key. It may appear difficult in the beginning, but as far as you’re putting in your best, with time, you’ll surely get used to it and later on, finally get over it. Time has a unique and interesting way of showing us what really matters. With time, you’ll realize that some people, some things, some occasions aren’t just worth your stress and struggles.


With time, you’ll be able to see why some things happened; why some people treated you the way they did; why some things are actually the way they are. You’ll also get to see that some things aren’t really what they seemed or appeared to be, because not all that glitters is gold. With time, you’ll be able to see things clearly, understand situations better and then feel happy… Time Heals… so just give it to time.


LESSON 5: Be Optimistic.

Learn to look at the positive side of things. Things might not go the way you want, they might not go exactly as planned but even at that, don’t lose hope; for there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. I stepped into 2019, I saw all there was to see for the year which included the good, the bad and the ug*y but I eventually conquered at the end of it all. With that, I was able to take a bolder step into the year 2020. Believe in yourself. Believe you can surmount all obstacles. Never be laid back. Refuse to get discouraged easily.


Trust your abilities and capabilities regardless of what others might think of you. Their opinion surely don’t count and so embrace change with all joy. Let go of all the bad energies and negatives vibes, they ain’t good for your s0ul honey. Be enthusiastic about life. Believe you’ll triumph in the end and definitely you will triumph. Oh! my darling.. Can I get a big smile from you? Of Course YES! That’s the spirit! Kudos!


LESSON 6: Pursue your Desires.

Now this is the time and period to re-channel your mind towards something more meaningful and rewarding. Focus on your dreams, goals and aspirations and pursue them with utmost zeal. Refuse to be distracted by whatsoever, plan ahead but with wisdom. With all that year 2019 threw at me, I knew I was soon going to make a post about this in order to encourage people out there and give them hope.. for where there is life, there is surely hope; and where there is a will, they surely will be a way. Don’t forget that dreams will always be dreams, but can only become reality when you ACT upon them.


But hey! don’t step on the toes of others or become a stumbling block to people’s progress just in a bid to achieve your own dreams. Take it one step at a time. Easy does it baby.. Also remember to do things that make you happy eat good and nourishing food, drink plenty of water, exercise too, have some rest when needed, surround yourself with worthwhile friends, ignore gossips and side talks. Place your chin up high and with the most adorable of all smiles, make that move today. Take that bold step now. Keep pushing. Do not relent…and in no time…You’ll surely get there! Now Move It!


Oh! Year 2019… You’ve been an amazing year. For the fears, the tears, the joy, the sorrow, the laughter, the encouragement and discouragement, I really appreciate. For the confidence and also the wonderful gifts you compensated me with; I say a big THANK YOU.. Thanks for giving me a clearer and deeper understanding of what LIFE is really about. But mind you.. Year 2020 and other years to come are definitely gonna be much better! LESS Pain, MORE Joy.. They’re surely gonna be dope. I LOVE YOU, regardless!


This is the DiaryofaSavvyLady

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  1. sangita2020 says:

    Nice. For me too, it was mixed bag of joy and happiness.


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