Love and Romance

A Guide to Understanding your Partner’s Love Language

Love is good. It’s overwhelming. The feeling is amazing especially when it’s coming from those you love. However, there is more to loving than just the act.

People express love in diverse ways. People want to be shown love in different ways as well. As such, you need to know and understand the way your partner wants to be shown love and try your best to give him or her love the exact way. Give them what they want.


It’s important to love them like they would want to be loved before loving them like you normally would want to; before showing them your own way of expressing love. That’s what understanding your partner’s love language entails.

Although people usually have a particular love language they’re inclined to, it’s still possible for them to have more than one of it at the same time but with varying intens*ty.



1. Words of Affirmation:

Some people feel loved when you constantly assure them of your undy*Ng love. They want to know they’re enough for you, that they’re exactly what you’ve been praying for. When you don’t show them appreciation or admiration, they might be t*mpted to believe you don’t love them. But when you do, be rest assured they would feel loved and love you right back!


2. Acts of Service:

This entails rendering help or offering assistance to your lover in any way you can no matter how insignificant it may appear. People who had a difficult time growing up are usually inclined to this particular love language. As such, they tend to appreciate every little help rendered by someone. If you must make such people feel loved and adored, then you need to be able to always assist them with any and everything. Surely your efforts would be rewarded.


3. Quality Time:

Individuals under this category only feel loved whenever you make out time for them irrespective of your busy schedule and hey! People only make out time for those they love right? Yeah.. Good enough, so please don’t fr*wn that face of yours again whenever your partner requests for some time with you. It doesn’t matter the distance, just place a phone call across, make video calls and reach out to them. If you guys are in a short distance relationship, then plan a date in order to spend some time together.


That’s just the only way you can prove to them that they mean a lot to you. Be prepared to spare that precious time of yours if you believe they’re worth it. Wait a min… what exactly would you be doing with someone you feel isn’t worth your time anyways..? So darling, don’t hesitate to create out time and spend it with that special guy or babe in your life if you intend to keep them. They deserve it. Quality time matters a whole lot just so you know.


4. Receiving Gifts:

Oh! Yes.. gifts too are part of it. If your partner happened to be the type who frequently received lots of gifts whilst still growing up, chances are that they would fall under this category. They possibly have grown up believing that giving and receiving gifts are the only ways of showing love and affection. So get that a*s up, go into the mall and do some shopping for them.


It could be anything ranging from clothes to jewellery, perfumes, cars, houses, footwears, laptops, phones and so on. A gift is a gift so just get them anything you know can be classified as gifts. THEY LOVE GIFTS! Besides, you can’t claim to love without giving, or can you? Nah! So shower them with lots of it. Surely your reward is around the corner.


5. Physical Touch:

You see this love language? It’s definitely a Wow! If you’re probably one of those who have a haard time keeping their hands to themselves… take a chill piiill cuz life is about to reward you. If your partner only understands the love language of physical touch, then congratulations! It’s time to get those hands of yours pretty busier. It’s actually gonna be such an amazing adventure for you guys cuz your partner loves to be touched constantly and you’re so equal to the task. Touch your baby, hug, kiiiss, smooooch, cuddle up. Make sweet, passionate and tender love to your king or queen.


No one is gonna use it against you and fortunately enough, that’s the only way they feel truly loved and cherished. Satisfy your lover without looking back. Of course it’s allowed!. Don’t give it a second thought, just start it already! Explore his or her body nonstop cuz he or she loves it. Mesmeriiize each other honey, life is too short to be anything other than happy. It’s good for the body and sooul. Hehehe…I’m pretty sure you’re giggling all over right now and smiling from cheek to cheek.. That’s wonderful. Now up you go and straight down to work!


This can’t be concluded without laying emphasis on the importance and benefits of love languages. If you craaave a peaceful, harmonious and stable relationship in life, you MUST NOT ignore the matters of the heart such as Love Languages.


You should try your best to understand which love language your partner understands as it will help and give you insight on how to love them better and reduce tensi*n in relationships. It’s not that difficult you know.. It’s not such a biiig deeaal for the one you truly love. When you learn it and do it just right, you’re surely gonna be happy in the end of it all and experience a blissful, undiluted love af*air. Tested and Trusted!… Explooore, Enjoy and be Fulfilled.


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