Health Tips

Begin your Day with a Glass of Clean Water

Water is life! Water is good for the body. However, people seem to have underestimated the power of a clean water and the wonder it does to the human body. This shouldn’t be the case because clean water is health and health is life.

Normally, every human being is expected to start their day with a glass of water. Not just any water, but a clean and healthy water.


It’s also expected that for a sound health, every normal person should ensure to take at least eight (8) glasses of clean water each day. It could be purified, it could be filtered as well. But it MUST be clean and fit for intake.


Some people only get to reach out to water when they feel thirsty. That’s a big error. Water leaves the body in diverse ways. It leaves through sweat and even urine. Getting thirsty is only a sign that your body is running short of water and needs to be replenished. Don’t wait to get thirsty and dehydrated before having that glass of water. It could make you lose focus in the day’s work. Likewise, you shouldn’t wait till your system screams for a particular need before supplying it with the exact thing it needs.


Honey, you don’t necessarily have to drink a gallon of water all at once just to ensure your system doesn’t lack water. No dear! Besides, the body can only take the much it needs at the moment for proper functioning and expel the excessive rest through sweats and frequent urination.


But you can take in some quantity at intervals; one glass after a couple of hours. You can take it first thing in the morning; take it after breakfast; another in mid-day; take about two glasses after lunch; take in the evening; another after dinner and lastly before going to bed. But do not take in too much water in the night to avoid waking constantly just to ease yourself. You’re sure not gonna enjoy the night that way. So take more of it during the day and less at night. That’s the ideal thing to do.

Water’s Benefits..

Magnificent Benefits of Drinking Clean Water:

  • Taking the first glass in the morning helps to prepare the body system for the day ahead.
  • It nourishes the body.
  • It helps keep the skin fresh and fine.
  • It takes away toxins in the body though sweats and urine.
  • Water helps the body cells, organs and system to function effectively.
  • It helps keep you hydrated and energized.
  • It aids in easy digestion of foods.
  • It helps in the processing and excretion of waste products thereby preventing constipation.
  • Finally, water gives life. Without it, you’re gone off this world.

Now darling.. what exactly are you still waiting for? You crave good and sound health just like every other normal person out there, don’t you? Of course you do! So get ur butts off the seat and go get some water to drink. Give your body what it needs and hey! Henceforth, DO NOT forget to begin that blessed day of yours with that glass of clean, healthy and sparkling water and your system will surely be doing fine. Sweetheart, an amazing day awaits you.. Drink wisely and Be Safe.


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  1. Taking much water makes me urinate all the time and thats embarrassing…but I can’t lie it’s really good for my i will continue… thanks

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