Understanding His or Her Body Language.

Body language reading entails reading people’s minds just by looking at their bodies; not necessarily by continous staring but by a quick glance at them Observation is a skill needed to achieve this. Reading your partner’s body signs will help you understand what’s excatly going on in his or her mind.

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1. Body Signals Reveal True Feelings and Thought:

In communication, emphasis is usually placed on words wheras nonverbal communication is even more important and has more impact than the spoken words. In cases where what your partner says is different from what his or her body language says, always trust the nonverbal message more than the actual words. This is because, compared to mere words, body language tends to be a more accurate reflection or representation of what humans truly feel or think.


Imagine a situation where you pay a friend a visit and he says, “Oh! What a surprise visit. Well I’m glad you came. You are welcome”. But then you notice he is not smiling and even have his arms crossed.. With that, you should know he means the opposite and not really happy to have you around. He just didn’t want to sound rude. You should know you aren’t welcome there, so it’s adviceable you make your visit snappy and then take your leave.


2. Study their Facial Expression:

The eyes are like the “windows to the soul”. They convey much of an innermost feeling. During conversation and you notice that your partner’s eyes are either dilated or appear to be wide open, it shows they are interested in the topic or in you. They have no problem talking or listening to whatever you may have to say at that moment even though what you are saying might not actually be making much sense. They are simply enjoying the talk with you so you can gladly continue.


3. Where the Eyes are Directed could Imply a Different thing.

When he or she keeps looking elsewhere nonchalantly, or keeps interrupting with a question not even related to the topic at hand, or probably keeps adjusting a part of the body uncomfortably, then it indicates lack of interest and as such, the discussion should be discontinued and only to be continued at a later date.


4. Again, if They are Looking at the Side:

If they are looking at the side, they might be feeling guilty or probably trying to hide something from you. If they keep looking down especially during confrontations, it shows they are feeling shameful or probably subservient depending on the situation at hand.


5. Observing their Mood:

A lot of times, people get so careless with their partners that they fail to observe the moods of their partners even when their instinct tells them to. A person’s mood at a particular moment says a lot and should not be overlooked for any reason. In a situation where you want to initiate a discussion or ask your partner a question or even request for any favour, you should first of all take a closer look at them and try to figure out the mood they are in before you can proceed with anything. If you notice they aren’t as cheerful as usual, find out what the problem is. Most times, two things are usually involved. It’s either they crave alone time or they are battling with an issue within.


If they want to be alone for sometime, then do good to give them the space they want. They need that space to cool off, meditate on their life and get themselves together. If it’s an issue they are battling with, help them come up with a possible solution to it. But in a case where you have asked and they have refused to talk or open up, it’s adviceable that you just let them be. Some people prefer being alone in order to figure out a solution to their problem before talking to anyone about it. So give them some space but before that, let them know you would be there whenever they need someone to talk to.


It’s just a matter of hours for them to come around and open up to you. When they finally open up, don’t ignore them or make them feel bad for ignoring you initially. Something is actually eating them up. So be cool with them and be more understanding. They will be forever grateful to you.


6. Putting Yourself in their Shoes:

To understand the tell tale signs your partner is exhibiting and make sound meaning from it, you should learn to put yourself in their shoes. It’s true that it’s only the one wearing the shoe that knows where it pinches the most, but most times, placing ourselves in the condition our partners are in gives us an idea of what is really going on with them. So if something bad befalls the one you love, always try to cheer them up. They might be trying to hide their true feelings by putting up a fake smile or by pretending not to be bothered; but hey! as a loving, caring and most especially sensitive partner that you are, you should be able to know that they are only putting up a charade but deep down in their hearts, they are in pain.


So try to be there for them. Love and encourage them. Show them you care and understand. Let them know you aren’t giving up on them and remind them that you still remain their number one fan.


With these, you can easily delve into the mind of your lover. Figure out those silent needs and wants. Finally understand what he or she is saying and then get tasks accomplished with ease. That’s what lovers do for each other.

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