Coping with Stress

Life comes with ups and downs, challenges arise, unattended jobs keep pilling up, stressful events emerge, all in a bid to handle the day to day activities and issues of life. Everyone has their own elastic limit at which they can’t exceed. No two people are exactly the same and as such, some people have the ability to adapt and cope with stress much more than their counterparts Trying to exceed your elastic limit can result to physical, mental, emotional or psychological breakdown.


However, they are some ways in which one can deal with the daily stress as they arise. They include:

1. Suspend whatever it is you are doing at that moment.

With that, you will be able to catch your breath before you end up passing out. Nothing is more important than your life darling.


2. Take about one or two glasses of clean water preferably chilled.

Chilled water gives a heavenly sensation and it helps to calm one’s nerves and equally energizes the body.


3. Take a nap.

15 to 30 minutes is okay. If at work and can’t get home, take some minutes off work and rest. It will help you have a resense and you will be able to perfom better when you resume work.


4. Play some light music.

Loud music will only give you headache thereby contributing to the stress. Blues are highly recommended here. They help keep the head and body in a more relaxed mood so you can focus and think clearer.


5. Resume work at a moderate pace.

Don’t rush back to continue what you were doing. Take it one step at a time and maintain the pace. This keeps you grounded and also helps you not to get worked up easily so u don’t exceed your elastic limit or breaking point.


The above tips if adhered to would go a long way in keeping you fit and free from unnecessarily or frequent breakdown. Your life is more important. Cherish it!

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