14 Days Challenge for May

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again. Have you been so bored or worked up these past weeks as a result of the global pandemic and you find yourself gradually losing touch of reality and sanity? Are you the type who loves challenges been thrown at them? Here’s a list of challenges you can engage in to spice up your life for a maximum of fourteen days. They aren’t only healthy honey, they are amazing and fun too.

5 Secrets to Building your Self Confidence

Why do some people build confidence with ease, while others have a hard time building theirs, with some others exhibiting theirs as a trait? Has such occasion left you wondering what the secret was and if you could ever build yours too? Well, the good news is that you can!

12 Principles for Attracting your Desires

As humans, there are certain things we desire to have in order to feel comfortable and fulfilled in life. It’s a natural phenomenon and is in no way, wrong. However, to get the best things out of life, there are specific principles which serve as guidelines towards enabling us achieve our aims and getting our needs met.

Telltale Signs She’s Likely to Cheat on you

They are crucial signs to still look out for when in a relationship which only signal warning and danger at hand. Once you notice these signs in your girl or woman, it’s expected that you handle it immediately and properly to avoid stories that might touch sooner or later.

Morning Habits to Stick with

New Day..New Blessings. Each day comes with it’s own routine, schedule to say and of course, blessings too.