Morning Habits to Stick with

Hurray! It’s morning again; a brand new day. So it’s a new day.. new package stuff..

Each day comes with it’s own routine, schedule to say and of course, blessings too.


But wait a minute.. wouldn’t it be so amazing if you could learn these few simple tricks and transform them into your daily habit for each blessed morning? We bet they would go a long way in shaping your life and improving your health for the better.


Routine no 1: Pray.

Oh! Pray. This is the first advisable thing to do on each awaking moment. It’s a means of communicating directly with your creator. Life isn’t a bed of roses but prayer really goes a long way in sustaining us and making life easier. So use this medium to commit your daily affairs into the able hands of God and be sure to have a wonderful day ahead.


Routine no 2: Have a Glass of Clean Water.

Water is life. Starting your day with a glass of clean water is a means of preparing your system for it’s daily work after some hours of night rest. So when you drink water, you feel more alive, the system gets alerted, then the soul and mind bubble up for the day. Water keeps you energized and hydrated. So drink!


Routine no 3: Exercise.

Frequent exercise keeps the body fit. It’s advisable to engage in very light exercises in the morning in order to warm the body up, stretch the muscles and get the joints balanced as they have been in a static position for quite some hours. You don’t have to engage in strenuous or rigorous exercises just to keep fit. Such exercises can even strain your muscles and ligaments especially when done very early in the morning when the body is still trying to get balanced for the day’s activities. Exercises like morning jogging, sit up and press up are cool.


Routine no 4: Freshen Up.

Okay, the exercise is over and you’re a bit sweaty and tired. You want to rest, you also want to eat. It’s all good but first things first. You wouldn’t be comfortable feeling all sweaty whilst trying to eat or rest, would you? Of course not. So get into the shower and have a blissful cool bath or better still, get into the tub and give yourself a sweet tub bath. Then have yourself smelling so pure and fresh.


Sweetheart, try not to forget those deodorant, body sprays and perfumes that help to keep the ministry moving. Stay clean always, smell sweet, pamper that glamorous skin of yours, dress cute; surely not for anybody else, but just for yourself. That’s self love.


Routine no 5: Break your Fast.

Mornings are for light meals, so honey, take something light. It’s called a breakfast because the body hasn’t received any other food all night after the dinner of almost 10 hours ago, coupled with the fact that it’s apparently the first meal to dive into your stomach for the day. Breaking of fast in the mornings doesn’t entail consuming a very huge amount of food just because you haven’t had a thing to eat for hours.


It also doesn’t mean taking heavy meals except you probably fasted and prayed and had to break the fast in noon time. Breakfast entails eating something very light because the body is yet to come up fully after a long hour of rest.


After the above mentioned, magnificently proceed to do the rest of the day’s activities. And hey!… Still don’t forget to take that glass of clean water by noon. Enjoy you day darling!!!

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