Telltale Signs She’s Likely to Cheat on you

Okay handsome, so you’re in a relationship with this girl you love and somewhere along the line you begin to notice some suspicious acts from her and you have no clue what those signs mean; then you begin to wonder what exactly is going on and if truly she deserves your trust. Yet, you have no evidence to anything or you just aren’t sure if you’re being realistic or somewhat insecure and you probably don’t wanna mess things up.. Well then.. that’s cool and very thoughtful of you dude.


However, they are signs to still look out for when in a relationship which only signal warning and danger at hand. Once you notice them in your girl, it’s expected that you handle it immediately and properly to avoid stories that might touch sooner or later.

Here are Some of the Telltale Signs to Look Out for!


1. Being very Materialistic.

If you’re in a relationship with a girl who happens to be very materialistic in nature, chances are that she’ll cheat on you to maintain that flamboyant lifestyle. Don’t get it twisted, it’s okay to love and want designer wears, shoes, handbags, expensive hair-dos, live a classic lifestyle and so on, but if or when your girl is refusing to work so as to earn money and get those things she craves for, then swidy, there is a very high chance that your babe is gonna cheat on you in order to get those things for herself. Take it or leave it.


2. Overly Secretive about her Personal Life.

It’s cool for you to be the best friend you have, at least you’re certain that someone (you) gets to listen whenever you talk. It’s totally not a bad idea if you choose to keep some life details and secrets to your darling self (after all you aren’t entitled to say all you know thereby making you more attractive); but honey it’s still cool to be honest and open to your partner and confide in them. I mean, what on Earth would you want to be doing with someone you aren’t free with anyways? Absolutely nothing!


But hey! In a situation where your girlfriend is overly secretive about her personal life, past relationships or a situation where you can’t tell what’s going on in her life, her schedule, her movements, her plans, where she gets to hide practically everything from you, just know that something isn’t right. Imagine a case where her phone is always on flight mode whenever you’re with her.. Where exactly is your babe flying to? Lol… You need to find out now. There’s a tendency she’s going to cheat on you soon, if at all she isn’t already doing that. Be wise dude!


3. Acts like she’s doing you a Favour by Dating you.

So you have been dating this lady and all of a sudden, she starts acting like a goddess over your life, like she’s doing you a favour by dating you and you’re not sure what step to take? Niggur, have some self worth. Let nobody make you feel like they’re the air you breath. Nobody is doing anybody any damn favour by dating them. It should be based on mutual feelings, admiration and respect. Refuse any sort of relationship short of mutuality and acceptability. Place some value on yourself and exit such toxic relationship. You deserve much better okay? There’s a sweet lady out there praying to meet a loving guy like you, so go out there and get what you deserve. Go get her!


4. If she Lies a lot.

If your girlfriend or woman is the type that tells a whole lot of lies, then she’s a suspect. People lie for a reason, they like to cover up some things, they lie to suppress the truth. Cheating involves lieing. Oh! Yes, it sure does. If she constantly lies to someone in your presence, she’s not to be trusted. Be sure she would lie to you too. The frequent and excessive telling of lies tends to give her the courage that she could still cheat without getting caught. She believes she would get away by telling more lies to protect her image.


You can then figure out the outcome if she eventually kicks off with the cheating game and imagine how much and how long you would be fed with a bunch of unending lies.


5. Unnecessary Complaints about Everything.

Whenever she starts to nag and complain unnecessarily about practically everything that has to do with you, it’s also a sign. Nothing you do is good enough, she picks offense at every slightest thing ranging from how you dress to how you eat, the way you walk, the manner you talk, the time you got back, the laundry you didn’t do, not caring about her welfare and so on. If what she’s complaining about are true, then you should make the necessary correction and improve. But is they aren’t true and are truly uncalled for, then watch out! She could take her complaints to some guy out there who cares to listen and before you know what’s going on, she’s already going out with him and cheating commences.


6. Emotional Attachment to her Ex.

Some people break up and experience hard times getting over their exes while some move on and forget about their exes totally. Also, some break up and settle as casual friends with no strings attached. But in a situation where your girl or woman still keeps in touch constantly with her ex, always talking and texting him on the phine, then it shows she’s not completely over him yet. It shows she’s still attached to him emotionally and this is a very wrong signal.


If it gets to the extent of her taking advice from such ex on her current relationship with you, be rest assured that infidelity is just around the corner. When you guys have a little misunderstanding, she would easily call him on phone and cry to him about what’s going on between the both of you. He then invites her over for a “let’s talk about it”, surely she’s bound to go because she’s still attached to him and there’s a very high chance she would honour the invitation.


You and I know what the outcome would be and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. So act fast.

Now here’s a quick tip. The above signs doesn’t entirely mean she must cheat or is already cheating on you, but the chances of it occuring is very high and bound to happen if you choose to ignore them. Be Watchful!


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