14 Days Challenge for May

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again. Have you been so bored or worked up these past weeks as a result of the global pandemic and you find yourself gradually losing touch of reality and sanity? Are you the type who loves challenges been thrown at them? Alright…Take a chill pill baby cuz I’ve got you. Okay? Yeah.


So here’s a list of challenges you can engage in to spice up your life for a maximum of fourteen days. They aren’t only healthy honey, they are amazing and fun too.


DAY 1: Catch up on your favourite TV show.

DAY 2: Practice or engage in a hobby you really enjoy.

DAY 3: Read a good book or novel.

DAY 4: Exercise at home for about 30 minutes to 1hour.

DAY 5: Set a timer and solely focus on a single task. Promise yourself a reward if you reach the targeted time.


DAY 6: Clean and organize your space and environment.

DAY 7: Call your loved ones. Hang out with them if you so desire.

DAY 8: Create a meal plan for the entire week so you don’t waste a lot of time thinking about it everyday. Include more of veggies.

DAY 9: Listen to your favorite brand of music.

DAY 10: Hug someone you love. Drop a kiss if possible.


DAY 11: Make your bed in the morning so you won’t be tempted to go back there. See a funny movie or go out into nature and be an explorer for a day.

DAY 12: Dance like nobody’s watching. You don’t own all the problems in the world you know.

DAY 13: Make a to-do list and try to complete all the tasks. Make sure to take a break when necessary so you don’t break down.

DAY 14: Take an evening stroll to get some fresh air and feel motivated to conquer the world. We are more than conquerors!


Sugars! Anything else you would like to include as part of your challenge? Feel free to include them starting from day 15. I believe these few ideas would go a long way in passing positive vibes across and also in boosting your morale. We need to explore this world we live in. Smile and be happy swidy cuz you don’t own all the problems in the world. It’s a done and signed deal right? Yeah!.. So let’s do it!!..

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