20 Qualities Every Lady Secretly Desires in her Man

Every good woman deserves a good man! I’m grateful that my dad is pretty amazing and my mom couldn’t have wanted more. I’d like to say that most of us have pretty amazing men in our lives be them fathers, husbands, brothers, fiancés, boyfriends, sons or whomever.


Sadly, I know several women who settled for less than they actually should. But I must say this. Dear Men, listen! When we ladies get to pick the man that we will have kids with and spend the rest of our lives loving, we are usually picky. It’s in our DNA so don’t fight it.


There are certain qualities ladies desire to see in their men; and while Sonia’s list might differ from Chloe’s, there are still peculiar qualities that all ladies secretly want their men to possess.

Here is a List of 20 Qualities Ladies Secretly Want in their Men.

1. Be a Good Listener:

Ladies need to be listened to by their men for them to know their needs, wants and concerns.


2. Have a Sensitive Side:

No one wants a cry baby for a man but dude! Have some emotions, express them too. You’re human. We sure want to get to see that soft side of you.

3. Love Children:

No lady wants to be with a man who dislikes being with kids or easily gets irritated by the cry of a baby. How’s he gonna handle his then?

4. Love Adventure:

When a lady knows that her man is the fun type and is up for anything, it gladdens her heart and gives her hope of an exciting relationship.


5. Have Morals:

He should be courteous in his dealings, not just with her, but with people in general.

6. Have Ambition:

Ladies admire men with goals and vision. She wants him to set a goal for his life, set a target and make plans towards achieving it. It’s Noble.

7. Be Open-Minded:

Having an open mind is a quality every lady desires in her man so he can be open to new ideas, be teachable and be willing to adjust.


8. Treat People with Respect:

The manner a man treats people speaks volume. When he treats people with reckless abandon, it sends a warning signal to the lady and depicts she could be treated same way. No sensible lady wants to be with a man like that.

9. Enjoy the Outdoors:

He mustn’t be all active always but hanging out or going outside from time to time to catch some fresh air and have fun is such a great idea you know.


10. Be a Team Player:

Having a man who works well together with others is amazing.

11. Good Hygiene:

No lady wants to be around a man who smells like smoked fish. Be neat!

12. Have Hobbies:

He should have things he enjoys doing alone. It reduces clinginess and creates room to miss his partner.


13. Have Patience:

He shouldn’t always be in a hurry to do or say things. He should learn to take a chill pill on some occasions. Relax, Patience is Virtue!

14. Want to Please your Partner:

We absolutely desire our men to please us. We want him to want to please us. It’s totally okay for him to stand his ground on certain decisions, but we really do want him to keep us happy the best way he can.


15. Have Close Friends:

In as much as we want him to ourselves, we still want him to mingle with people and keep close friends. He isn’t an island. The world shouldn’t revolve around us either.

16. Willing to Help Others:

A man who isn’t stingy and is willing to help others would also love to assist and take care of his partner. That’s our believe and that’s also our desire.


17. Loved by People:

This quality alone portrays him as a good man with a good soul. Ladies love that!

18. Enjoy Learning:

Life is one big learning experience. So we want him to be open to new ideas, be able to enjoy learning, relearning and unlearning in every aspect of life in order to grow.

19. Know how to Cook:

This isn’t a do or die affair but having a man who can cook isn’t just s£xy, it’s rewarding! At least he gets to help out in the busiest of days and most stressful situations.


20. Be Sweet and Romantic:

Oh! Jeez.. Goodness me! This is a YES! for all ladies. You don’t necessarily have to catch a grenade for her but merely doing the normal things in a very special way is what actually constitutes romance. Men.. please be ROMANTIC! It goes a long way even more than you can imagine.. Thanks in Addy for that!


Sugars! What other qualities would you love to add? Feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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