Understanding Intimacy in Relationships

In recent times, most people still confuse love making with s3x. They have failed to see the gap between the two terms because they feel the two still require the connection of sensitive body organs. But there is more to intimacy than meets the eye. Emotion is the watch word here, not just intimacy!

What exactly do we mean by intimacy? Intimacy is simply a deep emotional connection marked by friendship and love, whether platonic or s3xual. Love is the physical, emotional, s3xual, intellectual or social affection one person has for another. Love and Intimacy go hand in hand.


But then what about s3x and love making? Are they the same? Of course not! One connotes deeper emotional connection than the other, not just the physical act. S3x is never love, but Love can involve s3x.

S3x is just a physical entanglement of the reproductive organs between two or more people regardless of love feelings and emotions. Nothing passionate, unpleasant loud screams and nothing sensual. Not all s3xual activities can be termed lovemaking; but all lovemaking are s3x. Anybody can have s3x with you but not everybody can make love with you. Why?


Because Lovemaking on it’s own goes beyond the physical act itself. It’s usually a sensual, sweet, gentle, passionate, romantic connection between two lovers which surely involves the emotions of the couple. It involves tender touches, sweet moans and heartfelt love professions. Imagine making out with your partner and you hear, “I love it when you touch me.. Baby, I Love you to the Moon and back!” Oh! My jungles… Wouldn’t you be more excited? Wouldn’t it make you want to please your partner the more?


Sweetheart, that statement alone triggers the hormone, tripples the feeling and next thing is, you find yourself doing more wonders with the love of your life in the comfort of your bedroom. Love making, when done in the right way, (which mostly is), could leave both parties yearning for more.


In every genuine, love filled and sincere relationship, intimacy is the psychological or mental requirement needed to sustain it. But in the practical aspect, lovemaking is the ideal, not s3x. You can have a deep emotional connection (intimacy) with someone and still not get laid with them; but you can’t make love to your partner without having that deep emotional connection (intimacy) with them first. Intimacy is the bedrock of all relationships.


S3x and Love making denote same act of getting laid, pen3tration and maybe k1ssing or touching but still have their unique differences. Here are some similarities between them:

  1. They both involve entanglement of the parties’ private 0rgans.
  2. Done for pleasure and to satisfy human urges.
  3. For procreation purposes.
  4. Both terms could involve pen3tration or not, touches, k1sses and sounds.
  5. Both terms still denote “sleeping with” or “getting laid”.

However, here is a breakdown of the distinguishing facts between them:

For S3x:

  1. The other party may not be in love with you.
  2. Merely done for the satisfaction of personal urge.
  3. Can be done in a space of a few minutes since both parties feel they owe no one great pleasure.
  4. Usually has no emotional attachment or warm feelings involved.
  5. Usually selfish in nature as one party may not be interested in satisfying the other.
  6. Usually rough and not done in a gentle manner leaving the lady sore atimes.
  7. One party could be thinking of someone else while still in the act with the other.
  8. Gives room for unnecessary comparison since the other party’s feelings don’t really matter much to them.
  9. Nothing mind blowing about it. No sincere profession of love towards each other, no whispering of sweet nothings, no cuddles, no pillow talks, nothing special at all.
  10. Could still leave you feeling unloved and unsatisfied in the end.

For Love Making:

  1. Both partners most times are helplessly, crazily in love with each other. Definitely!
  2. Done for both personal satisfaction and also for that of their partner’s s3xual urges.
  3. Can take a while since the couple is busy taking their time mesmerizing each other’s body, touching the right places and sending each other to cloud 9. The world at that moment revolves around them alone.
  4. Usually involves large amount of emotional attachment or warm feelings towards each other.
  5. Never selfish in nature because the lovers would want to ensure they satisfying each other.
  6. Rarely rough and usually done in a very loving, sweet, gentle, sensual, and romantic manner. So much passion involved leaving them wanting more.
  7. Fully focused on their partner. Nobody or anything else matters at that moment. All they see, hear, smell or think about is their partner.
  8. Gives no room for unnecessary comparison because their lover is just the best and knows the exact way to please them.
  9. Almost always mind blowing with intense pen3tration, k1sses, tender touches, hugs, smooches, sincere profession of love, moans, whispering of sweet nothings and oh! warm cuddles too.
  10. Will always leave you feeling loved and satisfied in the end, because it came from a sincere heart to another sincere heart. Isn’t this amazing!

Now Sugars! Still confused? No I guess.. So I believe this should serve as an eye opener to those who still mistake s3x for lovemaking. We surely desreve better!

Any other similarities or differences you know? Feel free to include that in the comment section below. Stay happy!


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