Love and Romance

20 Signs You’re Really Into Someone

Being into someone is just a slang for saying you love someone. When you’re into someone, you’re kind of a bit scared of what all that means. But even at that, you’re too excited to let it hold you back and the feeling of getting to know them is similar to unwrapping a present.


Here are 20 ways to know if you’re really into someone:

1. You constantly think of them whenever you’re not together.

2. You get to miss them like crazy even though you just saw them like 6 hours ago.

3. Every little thing reminds you of them.

4. They challenge you, but in the best of ways, making you feel like you can achieve anything.


5. Everything feels like it’s happening for the first time and you end up wondering whether you’ve really actually dated in the past.

6. Thanks to them, you’re discovering parts of yourself you never knew existed.

7. You want your friends to adore them and you just know they will.


8. You may want to wait a little while to savour your new found love and let it grow before sharing it with anyone else; because at that moment, it kind of feels like a special little secret club.

9. You really don’t mind giving up important weekends just to hang out or be with them.

10. Spending time with them gives you limitless energy, making you bubble and more vibrant.


11. Every other romantic prospect sort of lose their luster and certain things seem kind of boring now.

12. You want to know everything about them, even their childhood stories and this feels like unwrapping a present.

13. Each day, you get to discover something new about them.


14. You are obsessed with the tiniest of things about them like how they walk, eat, laugh and so on.

15. You suddenly start liking those hobbies of theirs you’ve always disliked.

16. You make mental lists of things you would love to do once you see them again. You may even write them down just in order not to forget.


17. You could even have a file of random pics and interest stuff you can’t wait to send them.

18. Your eyes light up and you find yourself smiling the moment you see them.

19. You sincerely love 💞 them for who they are and not who they might be.


20. You know you’re falling in love because you get the feeling of riding on a roller coaster of emotional highs.

Taking the leap of falling for someone can be terrifying in a way, only that something about them feels like coming home and you don’t want to miss that. And oh! If life be great, that same person could be into you just as much as you’re into them.. That’s what makes this whole thing really magical.


Oh! Sugars.. did I forget any sign? Feel free to include it in the comment section and share your experiences if you would love to.


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