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20 Ways to Know Someone Truly Loves You

Several times I’ve been asked how to know a guy or girl truly loves someone. At some points in our lives, we get to meet people who care for us and treat us in certain loving and admirable ways. Sometimes these special treatment can be quite confusing and we aren’t too sure if the person really loves us or if they are just being nice to us. However, there are still ways to know if it’s just niceness or something much more beyond that.


Some of these signs could mean the person is just being good and nice to you. Also, it could be that it’s just their nature. But hey! There is a limit to niceness you know. So when you see half or more of these signs, chances are that such person truly loves you.

Here are 20 unique ways to find out:

1. They contact you because they want to know how you’re doing. Listen! If someone tells you he or she isn’t the calling type, kindly tell the person you aren’t the texting type and don’t hesitate to kick such contact out of your list. This is because same way he isn’t calling you is same way he is busy draining someone else’s battery with thousands of missed calls like they are holding his destiny. He hardly calls because he “isn’t the calling type”?… That’s bullshit! Someone who truly loves you will always contact you and want to hear from you. Simple!


2. They want to be around you. They enjoy your company so much that they always want to be close to you at every point in time.

3. They want to hear your voice and talk with you about any and everything. They want to talk on the phone for hours and never let you go because they just love to hear your voice.

4. They want you to be happy always. The put in effort in doing things that will make you happy and avoid the ones that will get you sad because your happiness is of paramount importance to them.


5. They invest their time, emotions, feelings, money, effort, just everything in you because they value and cherish you. They always make out time for you irrespective of their busy schedule.

6. They love to take you out, hang out and catch some fun with you. They have no problem spending their money and resources on you because they believe you’re worth it.

7. They bring up the future. They ask you what your future plans or long term goals are like. They don’t just stop there, they try to encourage and motivate you into achieving those incredible goals and aspirations of yours.


8. They make you part of the their future. Someone who loves you will always include you in their future plans because they want you and see you as being part of it. Their feelings and loyalty aren’t short-lived nor temporary. Which is the reason they invest their energy in you.

9. They are actively involved in your life because they want the best for you. They are interested in your welfare.

10. They look at you in a certain way. They look at you with so much love, respect, admiration and tenderness. They could see themselves in your eyes while staring at you in a loving manner.


11. They have eyes for only you. Nobody else intrigues them as much as you do. They don’t see anyone else but you. They don’t bother checking others out because to them, you’re more than enough. You’re simply the ultimate price!

12. They go out of their ways to do favours and things for you, which ordinarily cannot be done by people trying to be just good and nice to you.

13. They share their interests with you ranging from their hobbies, futuristic plans, likes, dislikes, beliefs, ideas, experiences, preferences and so on. They could even keep you updated about their daily activities.


14. They seek your advice and opinion on certain issues. They value your opinion, respect your decisions and never impose theirs on you.

15. They want to meet your family, your friends and also want you to meet theirs. They want to know you better and meet the people who matter to you in life and vice versa.

16. They love, adore, admire, cherish and hold you in high esteem. They never want to see you cry, get hurt or humiliated.


17. They genuinely care about you. Someone who loves you will practically care for you and ensure that your needs are met.

18. They use more of “we” than “I” or “you” because they see you as part of them. They see you and them as a pair, kind of their better half.

19. They always want to do things together with you. This is more like fun, companionship and team work.


20. Someone who truly loves will always be there for you no matter what happens. They’ve got your back always. They might be a hundred reasons to give up but they will still find one reason to stay, hold onto you and never let you go.

Now, it might interest you to know that someone who is trying to be all good and nice or someone who just merely likes you may not even bother doing half of the above things for you. But someone who loves you deeply wouldn’t just stop at doing half of them.


They would go extra miles just to prove their genuine love for you. So honey, when you see someone do more than half of these things for you, it’s a clear sign that such person loves you truly and deeply. It’s not rocket science. It’s Love..

Okay, what other signs do you know? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Be happy!


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