Safeguarding Your Wom*nhood


Dear gorgeous ladies, between your legs is a world that many men want to enter, but you get to decide who goes in. There are consequ*nces when a man enters there, good or bad. Men will want to go there for two reasons: either for Love or for L*st.. Babe.. you need to discern well to avoid pain and unnecessary heartb*eaks.

Ladies, there are two types of men pursuing you; those whose only goal is to s*x you and those whose goal is to love you. Men are often physically pow*rful than the women, but some men, instead of using this strength to protect, they use it to fulfill their short term gratific*tion.


There are men who look at women and only think about having s*x with them. They l*st after them and just like any self*sh man, they use the word “love” in a very loose and casual way. Some will tell you “I love you”, treat you well and buy you gifts just to get the co*kie. Some will go as far as pretending not to be feeling well just to lure you into their apartments. But then, the too naive and good ladies would easily succumb to this trick. This is because they feel they should help just like many naive ladies who slowly get close to men who lure them with sweet words, lies and traps.


These men let their m*nhood make the decision instead of their head. And when they are done sleeping with you, they h*te you more than they even l*sted after you. Then, they start avoiding you. This happens each time a lady gives herself to the wrong man, because once he has s*x with you, he will want nothing to do with you again. To him, it’s like a mission accomplished. He was only after that, so even if he lied to you that he loves you, the mission of his p*nis has already been accomplished and you get hurt in return. That’s one of the consequenc*s of letting the wrong man in there.


But a man who wants to love you will want to know you better first. His conversations will be more than s*xual. He won’t brag about how great he is in bed, neither will he brag about how he cares so much for you. He will go out of his way to make you see a lifetime partner in him. He will not rush you. He won’t be quick to tell you he loves you because his words carry weight. He says what he means and he means whatever he says. He’ll often talk about a future with you, whether directly or just hint at it and you’ll see his effort in bringing about that future to pass. He handles you in a way to win your trust; not forc*ng you but inspiring you to choose him. He will not be quick to sleep with you. He will be willing to wait and even after he has had it with you, he will love you even more because s*x is just a part of the equation not the whole of it. That’s the reward for giving it to the right one.

You can tell a man’s view about love, by finding out his view about s*x and how casually or highly he talks about it. That said, there are also women who are l*stful. They entertain, initiate and advance l*st. These l*stful women prey on naive men, or they hook up with other l*stful men and indulge in diverse imm*ral activities.


Ladies, be responsible with your v*gina. It’s not a public property that’s why it’s called a private part. Don’t use people for s*x and don’t allow yourself to be used either. One of the greatest b*ttles women face in their mind and spirit are brought about by s*x. You may sleep with men who use cond*ms but s*x is more complex than rub*er.

Some ladies strug*le to sleep, some are nursing emotional wounds, some have drifted away from God, some are full of confusion, some are strug*ling to enjoy their husbands and some are in torm*nt just because of s*x.


When you’re ovulat*ng and s*xually hungry, exercise self control. Don’t let your horn*ness lead you into the wrong hands. Don’t let it push you into opening up that incredible world of tasteful co*kies for the wrong man. Don’t let the urg* put you in trouble.

If you’re f*ghting emotional, mental, spiritual or physical bat*les; it’s time for a clean up. Keep off men and environments that are out to use you. Avoid feeding l*st. Get right with God. Get your principles right, your morals uptight and your standards high. You’re going to be a role model to your daughters tomorrow so don’t me*s things up for yourself now.


Know that s*x is sweet. It’s refreshing and mind-blowing when done right, but it’s still not a must. Make room for the right one and soon you’ll enjoy s*x with the right one who is well deserving of that co*kie. But honey, the right one will nev*r come if you’re always letting the wrong ones on and in your body. As a woman, the consequenc*s of s*x weigh more on you than on the man.

Keep your v*gina a well guarded secret. It’s a treasure. It’s priceless. A man must first love you and commit to your love for life from your waist up, before giving him the treasures that hide from your waist down. Let him earn it first.


In marriage, guard it from being unfaithful. Keep off the men who will pursue you knowing fully well that you’re married. Don’t let that tiny hole lead you to br*ak your own home. Give your husband great s*x. Make love to him so good he bursts all his juices in you with so much love and joy. Be kinky for him; w*ld, sweet, passionate, s*xy, romantic, alluring to him alone. Be good to all but be bad for him alone. Be his decent wife in the public but his godd*mn mistre*s at home. Be his bedroom godd*ss.. BUT, hey! just for your honeypie ALONE! Yeah… just for him.

Finally Ladies, guard that private space of yours for it is the door to your soul, spirit, heart and mind and not every man deserves to have a taste of it. Give it to the right man. Please, apply wisdom where and when needed. Always take care of you.

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