Health Tips

14 Days Challenge for June

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again!!! Let’s Begin this sixth month of the year with these simple but handsomely rewarding steps for a healthy lifestyle and get rid of all the junk foods during these 14 days. It’s handsomely rewarding!


DAY 1: Try to include more vegetables in your meals today.

DAY 2: Chocolate free day! Eat some nuts. They’re quite energzing.

DAY 3: No white bread. You can eat whole grain bread but not much of it.

DAY 4: Take a break from the cookies, pies and cakes. Replace with fruits. Lots of it.

DAY 5: No alcohol, soda or drinks. Just water will be fine.


DAY 6: No pasta. No Noddles.

DAY 7: No potato or plantain chips today. Yes. No form of chips at all.

DAY 8: Stay away from fast food. You can always make delicious and healthy meals at home.

DAY 9: Try to go vegan all day. Sounds impossible right? Nah, of course not!

DAY 10: Say no to candies and sweeteners. At least just for today.


DAY 11: No processed or canned meat today. Eat more of fish.

DAY 12: Plantain porridge with fish and vegetables will do. Very rich in protein, calcium, iron and vitamins. Isn’t that amazing!

DAY 13: Oat meal for breakfast. It’s so sweet and can sustain you all morning.

DAY 14: No meat today. Eat lots of fruits and vegies.


DAY 15 ONWARDS: Congratulations Suagars! You’ve completed your fourteen days no junks challenge for this month. So as a reward, feel free to eat whatever you want to. Be it chocolates, cakes, candies, fruits, pasta, oats and the rest. But be careful not to take meals that will harm you. Give yourself a treat. You’re worth it Darling.


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