Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person – (Part One)

In the previous article, I made a rundown of the obvious signs the person you’re dating isn’t right for you. So here, we’re going to elaborate on those signs by dividing this very topic into four parts. This particular article serves as the first part of it and in the subsequent parts, the other signs will be looked into as well. Read through.


Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person.

1. You Have Nothing in Common.

Dating is same thing as getting to know each other better to see if there is any chance of taking things to the next level (getting into courtship). So when you’re dating someone and you discover that both of you share nothing at all in common, your views about life or most things contradict theirs, this is a clear sign that you are with the wrong person.


2. You Don’t Share the Same Life Plan with Them.

You could be visualizing yourself getting married and having a kid or two in about five years time, whereas your partner is busy making plans of touring the universe till the next ten years with no plans of settling down. When you see that such person isn’t planning same thing you’re planning, that’s a red flag too.


3. You don’t Share Similar Interests.

It’s normal to have diverging interests with your partner since you’re both from different backgrounds, but there should be a limit to this diversity. Your hobbies, core values, beliefs, interests, morals should at least align with that of your partner. But when you don’t share similar interests such that your likes are his/her dislikes while your dislikes are his/her likes, then this is a warning.


4. You Overthink what You Say Around Them:

It’s courteous to be mindful of the things we say to/around people. But when you’re constantly overthinking of the right things to say or not to say when you’re with them, then there is a problem. If you can’t be yourself and be free to say things without being misunderstood or everything turning into a problem, you should take a walk.


5. You Argue a Lot:

Issues arise from time to time. Even couples, siblings and the best of friends still argue things over. But when you two are constantly arguing over trivial and non-trivial matters, that’s so unhealthy and it’s about time you took a walk! Sweetheart, don’t spend your energy shouting and arguing unnecessarily. Life is too short to be anything other than happy!


6. They Think the World Revolves Around them.

If in the process of dating someone, you notice that he/she is so egotistical and thinks that the world revolves around them alone, it portrays the person as being self!sh and self-centered. They care about themselves alone yet still want others to care about them, do their biddings and please them always. That’s also a sign you’re dating the wrong person. We all want people who care about us and have our backs just as much as we care about them and have their backs.


7. They Constantly Bring Negative Vibes.

When you’re together and your partner always complains about things, never sees the positive side of things, always pessimistic and brings up talks about sad events, that’s a sign you should leave too. Always surround yourself with positive minded people and not people who are constantly trying to weigh you down or ruin your mood with their negative vibes.


8. Being with Them Feels Like a Chore.

If it ever gets to the extent where you no longer enjoy their company, you’re always timing your togetherness such that you can’t wait for the time to elapse so you both can part ways, then you shouldn’t even think of taking things to the next level. Put a halt to the dating already and go your separate ways.


9. You don’t See Them in Your Future Plans.

When discussing future plans with them and you don’t seem to see them in the picture or you don’t see yourself in their future plans as well, you could be dating the wrong person you know. Two cannot work together unless they agree! So if none of you is making efforts to adjust things in order to fit into each other’s future plans, then you aren’t with the right person yet.


10. They Try to Mould You into a Different Person.

No doubt, we all want to be the better version of ourselves. Someone who truly loves you will gladly put in effort in ensuring that you’re better than you used to be. But when a person constantly tries to change certain things or probably almost everything about you such that it feels like they’re trying to mould you into a totally different kind of person, then you’re probably dating the wrong person. In your quest for becoming a better version of who you are, try not to lose hold of your identity by becoming what you’re not. Be real, be yourself but a better version not an entirely different being. Be you honey, just do you!


So here Sugars! We’ve discussed the first part of this topic. The next is the second part where we elaborate on the subsequent signs. Stay tuned!

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