Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person – (Part Two)

This article is the second part and also a continuation of the previous one: “Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person – (Part One).” View to read more of the first part.


Here are Some More Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person.

11. Spending Time with Them Drains You.

There’s this sweet and amazing feeling of being around your partner, hanging out and spending quality time with them. You get to do things together, play around, chat, engage in intimate talks and also have vital issues worth discussing. But if you find yourself in a situation where you feel emotionally, psychologically, mentally, spiritually or physically drained; then that’s a big issue to be worked on by the both of you. If not, kindly take a walk. Why? Because being with your partner should give you joy and happiness, it should motivate and energize you, not the other way round.


12. You Dread Being Around Them.

This is similar to the previous point. But in this case, you may not necessarily get drained. Only that you avoid being with them because of certain behaviour they tend to exhibit. If it ever gets worse to the extent of you not wanting to take them out on couples dates or even allowing them to join you when hanging out with your friends (courtesy of their irrational and unexpected behaviour), then it’s even a more glaring sign you’re dating the wrong person.


13. You’re not Bothered what People Think About Them.

When we care about people, we care about their image and try to protect it. We try to create a good impression when introducing them to our friends and family. But if you’re not really bothered about what your family or friends even think about them no matter how bad or awkward their thoughts and impressions are towards your partner, then you’re with the wrong one.


14. You’re Embarrassed to Introduce Them.

We should always be proud of our dates. People go for/after what they want and desire. They are proud of the good things in their life. Whenever you become so embarrassed to introduce your date to your loved ones or they are too embarrassed to even introduce you to their loved ones…you’re definitely not with the right person! Say no to such a person. Someone who cares about you and your welfare should be super proud of you. You deserve much better!


15. They Don’t Really Listen to You.

Communication is the bedrock of all forms of relationships. You speak and equally listen. But when your date wants to do all the talking and not do any listening; or you talk and your partner seems not to be listening, they’re just waiting for you to finish so they can continues talking or doing whatever it is they were doing…you definitely are not dating the right person. Your partner should be willing and eager to speak to you and equally listen to you!


16. They Expect 24/7 Companionship.

Quality time is needed to sustain relationships. As a matter of fact, quality time happens to be the love language some people understand. But even at that, we should still learn to enjoy our own company by taking a break, spending some alone time, unwinding, meditating and being useful to ourselves. If you find yourself with someone in constant need of attention and expects a 24/7 communication without caring to know if there are other things you want to do with your time, that portrays excessive clinginess on their part and could be draining at times. Your date should be able to give you some space as at when due, so you could unwind and also have time to do other personal and needful things that matter to you.


17. They Chastise You:

No one has the right to make you feel unworthy or unloved. You shouldn’t be with someone who always judges, condemns or makes you feel like you’re not good enough. Enduring such is mentally draining not to talk of when the criticism is coming from your partner. Sweetheart, you’re an ultimatum price to be won to some amazing person out there. You should be corrected but with care and love. The one who constantly chastises you is definitely wrong for you!


18. You can’t Imagine a Future with Them without Getting Sad.

Dating is a step to forming an intimate relationship. It gives you an insight on what to expect from your partner in the nearest future. So if your current date saddens you so much that you can’t even imagine a future with them without tearing up or being scared, honey, you aren’t with the right one..yet! Life is entirely not a bed of roses you know but we should be with the ones who try to make it better. So be with someone who gladdens your heart and makes life much easier and worth living. Life is too short to be anything other than happy.


19. They Compare You with Others.

Someone who values you will love and accept you for who you are and not what they want you to be. Allow them make your life better and lovingly correct you in your wrong doings. But if they’re constantly comparing you to others, telling you how Sam and Nicole is much better than you, or even going as far as comparing you to their exes, babe, dude… that’s a huge red flag and you should RUN!


20. They Act Like They’re Doing You a Favour by Dating You.

Dating and Courtship aren’t forms of contract and shouldn’t be treated as such. No one should make you feel like you’re owing them or that they’re doing you a favour by dating you. No! Do not condone such attitude from anybody no matter how much you may care about them or want to date them. Dating should be based on mutual agreement and acceptance. It shouldn’t be one sided unless you want to end up dating yourself on the long run. Have regard for yourself and stay with the person who makes you feel like you’re worth being with.


Okay Sugars! We’ve just concluded the second part of “35 Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person.” The next article serves as the third part of it and also explains more of the subsequent signs of dating the wrong person. Happy Reading Darl!

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