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Telltale Signs You are Dating the Wrong Person – (Part Three)

Here is the penultimate part and also a continuation of the previous post: “Telltale Signs You are Dating the Wrong Person – (Part Two)”. View to read more of the second part.

Here are more of the Telltale Signs:

21. They Constantly Demand for things Beyond your Budget;

Giving and receiving are parts of any form of relationship. It’s normal when people request certain things from us. But when your partner constantly demands for things above your budget, they’re simply trying to exploit you. Exploitation isn’t a virtue and so shouldn’t be encouraged or condoned. A person who values you will not want to exploit you.


22. Conversing with them is Difficult:

There are times when vital issues emerge. The manner of communication and response to discussions like this matter a lot. So when you’re trying to start up a conversation and they frequently try to avoid the topic or even flare up and start to argue, then you shouldn’t be dating such a person.


23. You’ve Questioned whether you Want to be with them:

If you frequently doubt your relationship with someone or questioned whether you really want to be with them, that could be a sign you’re not dating the right person. Why? Because you aren’t sure you want them which is obviously not a good sign. Know what you want and go for it.


24. They Always Claim to be Right:

If you’re dating a person who never agrees on making mistakes and doing wrong, always claiming to be right even when obviously they’re not, then you should know you’re dating the wrong person because all blames and accusations would definitely be put (infact mounted) on you once problems arise.


25. They are Obviously Always Lying:

Lies come up once in a while, after which the truth shows up later. But when your partner constantly lies to your face so unapologetically that you begin to wonder if there’s an atom of truth in them, have it in mind you’re making a huge mistake dating the person because you would equally be fed with unnecessary and saddening lies constantly. This is so unhealthy and you should quit.


26. They Don’t Respect You:

A person who neither values nor respects you, your decision, opinions, personality or even feelings isn’t in any way right for you. You shouldn’t be with someone who talks and treats you whichever way they want.


27. You Get Pissed all the Time:

It’s one thing to get annoyed when your partner annoys you. I mean we are all humans with feelings and emotion running within us. But if you’re almost always pissed at whatever your partner does, especially when you’re together or they call, or even for no reason at all, then your mind and heart aren’t with them and equally signifies they aren’t the right one for you.


28. You’re Constantly Wondering if the Grass is Greener on the Other Side:

Dating someone and still trying to figure out if they are good for you, or if there are better options out there means you are not satisfied with what you have. You obviously think you deserve better than the current partner right? Cool. So just save everyone the stress of a future heartbreak and kindly take a walk while there’s still time. You aren’t for them neither are they for you.


29. You are Constantly Accused:

This signifies trust issues. If you’re constantly accussed of things you didn’t do, it’s about time you put put an end to the dating thing and go for someone who won’t only trust you and your capabilities, but will also ensure matters are duly investigated and verified before laying accusations.


30. They Keep Bringing up Past Issues:

So far human relations are concerned, issues are inevitable. However, those issues still need to be tackled in time so they don’t go out of hand. But when Sydney is always bringing up same previous issues he had with Jennifer which had already been resolved or have refused to let by-gone issues be by-gone, swidy, that’s a clear sign of an impending strenous and draining affair. Avoid it at all cost by calling it quits at the esrly stage. Don’t bother thinking of taking things to the next level.


Here again! We’ve just concluded the third part of “35 Telltale Signs You’re Dating the Wrong Person”. The next post is the fourth and final part of it. It also explains the remaining subsequent signs of dating the wrong person. Relax. We are almost there. Wait for it!


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