4 Undeniable Signs You are just their Rebound

Relationships are cool and fun.. But breakups? They’re not. It hurts to be in a relationship with someone for long and still end up calling it quits. So what happens to people who find themselves in this situation? They start to hurt. They’re in grave pains. They’re emotionally traumatized and unstable.


They feel like they just lost a diamond especially when they were the ones jilted. They could go as far as locking themselves up and avoiding social contact. And some? They go in search of new relationships in order to ease off the pain of the break up. And with that, having a new partner tends to distract them just a bit while nursing their pain. Their new partner then fills in this void which their exes had created, most times, being ignorant of the whole situation.


This is what being in a REBOUND relationship is about. And jeez! That’s an impending doom for a romantic relationship in the waiting. No one wants to be a rebound. We all need to be sure that the person we are with is with us for the better and oh.. definitely with good intentions too.


So here are 4 Undeniable Signs You’re Someone’s Rebound:

1. They are Clearly Not Over their Last Relationship.

When you meet someone who recently broke up and they say they’re fine and not affected in any way, they’re obviously lying because breakups hurt a lot. They try to act strong, happy and without worries whereas deep down in them, they’re bleeding tears. That’s a sign they are still hung up to the past but only pretending to hide their genuine feelings and act all fine and okay.


2. They Talk About their Exes all the Time.

A person who hasn’t gotten over their ex talks about them all the time. All your conversations with them must channel to their ex in one way or the other. Their exes are always in their mind. Whatever they see, hear, touch, feel, think or percieve just reminds them of their ex and they can’t help but keep talking about them. This is because they really miss what they shared with their ex and still wish to have them back in their life.


3. They Won’t Open Up.

Meeting someone new is about getting to know the person. People who just started dating are so eager and intrigued to know more about this new special person in their life and also let their partner into their own world. But when your new partner is refusing to open up to you even after several weeks of dating, it’s a sign they’re still holding on to the past.


They try to keep everything away from you including how their last relationship ended. Some might want to tell you that they aren’t ready for a serious relationship yet or even that they just need some more time to think things through. They could still hide under the umbrella of “not wanting to rush things.” It’s a clear sign you’re just their rebound partner and that they are only using you to heal and get over their ex.


4. They’re Giving you Mixed Signals.

So you have this new person in your life but then things are still not clear. You aren’t even sure what they feel for you or what exactly the both of you are doing. Today, it feels like they are already falling for you but then next day, they brush you off completely.. Well that’s an error. That indicates they still want their exes back but won’t tell you, while at the same time they want to keep you so they don’t end up loosing on both sides. They’re still into their exes and are having a hard time letting go completely. It’s actually a sure sign you’re their rebound and could also be trying to see if they could get over their exes by dating you.


Now Sugars! Like I said earlier, no one ever wants to be the rebound girl or guy in any relationship. We all want to know our partners love us and are honestly with us for real irrespective of circumstances.


So then, if you ever find yourself in a rebound relationship, do good to take a break or even walk away completely while giving your partner some space and time to really clear their heads completely and to be sure of the exact thing they want in life. It will do you both good. And if in the end they REALLY and TRULY want you in their life, they would definitely come for you.

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