15 Fascinating Facts About Love

Love? Love is sweet. It’s beautiful. It’s really a wonderful feeling. But then, love is a mystery too. Oh! Yes.. there are still certain facts surrounding this love of ours that only a closer look will give you an in-depth knowledge of. Here are some peculiar facts about love I bet would blow your mind.


1. Kama Sutra (love + thread, rule) is an ancient text on love in Sanskrit Literature written by Mallanaga Vatsyayana around the 2nd century A.D. Kama is the Hindu god of love and also means desire. Sutra is a manual or a guide.

2. One of the greatest predictors of love is proximity. Physical closeness leads to increased emotion and it’s not unusual to hear stories of bosses falling in love with their secretaries.


3. To remain in love for a lifetime, it’s advised that couples listen attentively to their partners, ask questions, give answers, appreciate, stay attractive, grow intellectually, include each other, give him/her privacy, be honest and trustworthy, tell your mate what you need, accept his/her shortcomings, give respect, never threaten to leave, say “no” to adult£ry and then cultivate variety. Variety is the Spice of Life.


4. Signs that a man is about to break up with a woman include: he spends lesser time with her, he is no longer romantic, passionate k!sses turn into quick pecks (particularly no k!ss during s£x), he fantasizes about someone else during s£x, he pats her when she hugs him instead of hugging her back and he tries to start f!ghts at every slightest opportunity.

5. Women are more likely to fall in love with partners with ambition, education, wealth, respect, status, a great (or at least nice) sense of humor and who are taller than they are.


6. Wedding rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks maintained that that particular finger contains the vena amoris, or the “vein of love” that runs straight to the heart. The first recorded wedding rings appeared in ancient Egypt, with the circle representing eternity as well as powerful sun and moon deities.


7. The tradition of the diamond engagement ring came from Archduke Maximillian of Austria who, in the 15th century, gave a diamond ring to his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy.

8. People are more likely to tilt their heads to the right when k!ssing instead of the left.


9. Studies show that men are put off by groups of loud women. If a woman wants to get a date, she should break away from a loud group to give a man a chance to approach her.


10. Roses are a traditional symbol of love and depending on their color, can suggest different nuances of love. For example, Red roses indicate passion and true love. Light pink suggests desire, passion and energy; Dark pink suggests gratitude. Yellow roses can mean friendship. A lavender or thornless rose can mean love at first sight. White roses mean virtue or devotion. Some roses even combine colors to create more complicated meanings.

11. When someone looks at a new love, the neural circuits that are usually associated with social judgment are suppressed.


12. People who are in relationships and love their partners are the happiest people and are more satisfied with their life than most happy singles. At the same time, people who are in relationships, but are unhappy with their partner, find themselves more d£pressed and hat£ their life a lot more than most singles who are d£pressed.

13. Some individuals who claim never to have felt romantic love or been in love suffer from hypopituitarism, a rare dis*ase that doesn’t allow a person to feel the ruptur£ of love.


14. Getting d*mped often leads to “fr*stration attraction” which causes an individual to love the one who d*mped him or her even more..but just for a while.

15. Four common date blunders include showing up late, talking about yourself too much, revealing too much about your ex and just an obvious over-eagerness.


Here are some of the love facts we all should know about. Amazing right? Yeah! Hope you won’t forget this anytime soon. More knowledge to impart in you guys.. stay subscribed!

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