Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel Exercises are the best exercises which can boost erecti0ns and ban!sh leaks naturally. I already defined what kegel exercise means in the previous article:

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They are simply Exercises for the Pelvic Floor Muscles. So in this article, I’m going to show you how to do the Kegel exercise at your home or even anywhere you need to, so as to have more control over your 0rgasm and last longer in bed. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be a “one-minute man”, or…do you? Of course not!. And just for the records… you can do Kegels just anywhere and anytime you want, but ensure you do more counts for better results, greater improvement and more satisfaction.


Here are 5 Tips to Lasting Longer in Bed Using Kegels.

Step 1: Find the Pelvic Floor Muscle.

You can easily find the PC muscle by urinating. Just touch your balls (test!cles) behind it. In order to do this, try urinating and feel the midstream, then try to stop the urine from flowing out. Repeat this process several times. The point which you tighten and hold back (to prevent the urine from flowing out) is the PC Muscle. Once you have found this, do it for a couple of times so you can be certain.


Step 2: The Simple Squeeze.

This is simply done by Squeezing and Releasing. Just squeeze your PC Muscles for about 5-10 seconds and then release it. Ensure to do more counts. The pelvic floor muscles are located between your legs.


Step 3: The Super Kegel.

This is similar to the previous point but in this case, you have to do it for more counts which tightens those muscles of yours. Just tighten it, hold it for 10-20 seconds and then release it.


Step 4: The Flutter Exercise.

This time, you do it for more times with flex and then release the muscles fast. Make sure you’re doing it in a Flutter motion. Increase this workout gradually. It will help increase bl00d flow and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.


Step 5: The Pull-Up Exercise.

This workout gives stamina to the PC Muscles. In this exercise, Tightening and Pulling is the vital point of focus. Hold the muscle for a long time and then release it. Do it daily with more counts and reach the point of good results.


Does Kegel have Benefit? Of course it does!

So here are the Top 5 Benefits of Doing Kegels.

By doing this exercise… you can…

  • Improve Better Erecti0ns.
  • Ban!sh Leaks Too Naturally.
  • Cure Premature Ejaculati0ns.
  • Have Better Bl00d Flow to the Pen!s and
  • Increase Your S*xual Stamina.

So Men.. Begin Your Kegels.. Today!


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