30 Things Every Guy Should Know About Girls

Some guys usually have a hard time discerning what it is that the girls want them (guys) to know about them (girls). They’re trying to figure out how best they can understand girls and relate with them much easier by having a clue as to what these girls really want. Now dude, take a chill pill because we have your answers with us. We’ve come across some girls and interviewed them on the things they actually want the guys to know about them.. Not surprisingly though, many of them ended up saying just the same thing. To have more knowledge of what women wish and also want their men to know…

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Here is a List of 30 Things Girls Want Guys to Know About Them.. It’s not Rocket Science!

1. First and foremost.. Girls are all individual and unique persons and so you shouldn’t expect the same thing. What you saw in your ex girlfriend shouldn’t be the same thing to expect from your current girl.

2. When a girl says something, you shouldn’t always assume she means the opposite.

3. Respect the things she likes. Go ahead to like your things too. She will respect yours as well.


4. Most girls are very sensitive. Be mindful of the words you use and actions you take on them.

5. Girls like guys who can protect them. That doesn’t mean they should become over-protective of their girls. It’s kind of suffocating.

6. Girls want their guys to be extremely loyal and faithful to them.. and oh! have eyes for them alone.


7. Guys should have a nice sense of humour. They should be able to crack jokes when the need arises because life is too short to be too serious all the time.

8. We don’t always take things too seriously. So You should learn to chill out a bit too.

9. Girls want to be treated nicely and equally. Little things matter a lot just so you know.


10. Occasionally, we girls deal with tons of mood swings. Not always our fault you know and most times, they are just beyond our control.. Yeah, the horm0nes are at it again, so please do bear with us and exercise some patience with us as well.

11. Girls don’t want guys to know too much of their weaknesses.

12. Girls love Attention. But not to the extent of being watched or even monitored. They should always be some reservation and a touch of mystery.


13. Guys should be passionate, smart and also have meaningful conversations to engage in.

14. A girl wants to be judged on more than what she looks like; It should be more of how and who she is as a person.

15. Girls love surprises. Oh! Yes we do. Give us lots of it. We won’t ever reject them.

16. Girls love to be taken care of. Even “Miss Independent” surely does!

17. Girls love to have fun too… A weekend out with the girls, girls’ trip and all of that.


18. When a girl says she wants to be just friends, she wants just that. Never assume she means the opposite.

19. When a girl says she’s fine, chances are that she isn’t at all. Follow her up till you’re sure she is.

20. Girls are emotional beings. They were made that way. Sometimes, all they need to do is to cry it all out in order to feel better. So let ’em. Just be there to do the consolation while they go ahead to cry their hearts out (even for no apparent reason at all too.. LOL).

21. Sometimes, a soothing hug is much more better and effective than words of consolation.


22. Girls love romantic guys big time. No doubt!

23. Hugging her without any reason is really a sweet thing for her. It’s makes her feel loved, adored and special.

24. Holding doors open, pulling out chairs and being the gentleman is still completely cool and never out of style.

25. Girls want guys to respect and listen to them. They want to be heard too.


26. Girls like to be called “beautiful” all the time. We prefer words like, “beautiful”, “stunning”, “elegant”, “classy” and “pretty” to words like… “fine”, “$exy” and “hot”. We aren’t in a frying pan please.

27. A good way to get a girl so upset is to not believe her when she’s being completely honest with you. You’re asking for a bigger trouble by doing that.

28. When a girl doesn’t feel good, she doesn’t talk much. That’s one sure way to know that all is really not well.


29. Girls don’t like guys that are too fl!rty. It only portrays you as a big time casan0va and shows you aren’t a one-woman kind of person.

30. Finally, when we say WE LOVE YOU, we honestly do. Never, underestimate the feelings of a girl or woman in love.


So guys, here they are. Having these 30 tips at the back of your palm will not only help you understand the feminine gender better, it will also enable you relate with them in a much more easier manner. And oh! If you know any other thing you want the guys to know about girls, let us know about them in the comment box below. Stay happy Sugars!


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