Shaving Tips to Avoid Irritation and In-grown Hair

I know a ton of guys who have refused to shave their beards because when they do, they get really irritated. I can completely understand this because even as a lady, I personally h*te to have marks or bumps on my face, no matter how tiny they may appear. I can relate to how annoying it can be.


But Here are Top 10 Tips for Preventing Shaving Irritation and In-grown Hair.


1. Trim your hair down with a pair of scissors before you shave. Try not to leave the hair long before shaving because if you do, it’s only going to pull more hair and you’re more likely to get irritated after shave.


2. Shower and Exfoliate your face really well before shaving. This loosens up the hair follicles and makes it easier to shave.

3. Ten minutes before shaving, apply a pre-shaving treatment, either an oil or a tonic or something of that nature.


4. Ensure to use a new and sharp razor/shaving bic. This is very important.


5. Use a shaving cream (preferably not a shaving gel). Gels often contain a lot of alcohol that is very dry and irritating to your skin.

Use a Shaving Cream

6. Don’t apply too much pressure. Make sure you’re going with the grain. A lot of people finish the shave up going against the grain to get that really close shave. But if you are prone to getting in-grown Hair, this isn’t advisable. If the hair is pointing down, shave downwards. If it’s pointing from left to right, shave from left to right and not the opposite.


7. Try not to go over an area more than twice or thrice because the more times you go over it, the more likely you are to get irritation after shaving.

8. Rinse your face with cool water and use an after shave cream.


9. Don’t leave your razor/shaving bic on the shower or sink where it will constantly be getting wet.

10. Make sure you regularly exfoliate and moisturize your skin in-between shaves to make sure it’s easy for those hairs to pop out through your skin.


I hope these tips become helpful to you guys and maybe, even make you want to use a razor again. If you have any more shaving tips you know that can prevent shaving irritation and in-grown hair, please leave that in the comment box below.

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