Smooching Hacks – Drive them Crazy Simply by Kissing

Okay so you’ve been hanging out or maybe actually going out with this new girl for quite some time now and you feel it’s about time you made that first move towards her. Or maybe, you’re even in a relationship with this person and you want to spice things up just a bit. Oh! Dear dear, trust me, I understand all of that. We’ve been there before you know but wait a second…


Kissing is actually the first big move a guy makes towards a girl. After that comes $ex and all of that stuff. But then, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to ruin this precious moment of yours you probably have been imagining and waiting for such a long long long time.


Dude, babe.. relax. Take a chill pill cuz I’ve still got you covered with a few tricks or let’s just say, ‘hacks’ that will make this looong awaited kiss a memorable one. Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Hold it right there! Yes, hold it. You’ve probably heard of Smooching or Kissing hacks before right? Or maybe, not just yet. Either way, I’ll still tell you.


Kissing Hacks simply talk about the moves or things you need to do just before, during and after you kiss someone. Most people, especially guys, actually $crew this whole kissing thing up believing they’re doing the right thing. Don’t take this the wrong way dear, I know you’re trying your best.


So as a means to help out and ease the tension, I present to you guys three simple but amazing kissing hacks that you can employ to drive him or her nuts, make them so d*mn crazy about you and crave to have you even much more.



There is something called the triangular gazing hack and you would want to use this exact hack just before you go in for that kiss. This hack helps to build up the tension. All you have to do is to alternate between looking into their right eye, then to their left eye and straight down to their lips. So you will have to lean in a little bit, lower your tone and slow down the rhythm of your voice, then begin looking into both of their eyes and down at their lips. This allows you to make a strong eye contact with them. Also, looking at their lips gets them to really start thinking about and imagining kissing you.



This second stage is the Real Deal guys! In this stage, you tilt your head to the right, slowly lean in towards them and actually go in for the kiss. While going in, ensure that their upper lip is locked in-between your lips, with your eyes closed and see to it that your nose isn’t colliding with theirs as this could be uncomfortable and even restrict the flow of the kiss. Also, control your tongue so you don’t get too much saliva drooling over their lips or even yours; or pouring saliva into their mouth as could can be a very huge instant turn off. Keep it at a moderate level.



This third hack is an easy one too. Once you start kissing a person for the first time or even the first few times you kiss them, I’m sure you don’t want to make out with them like crazy for like one or two minutes straight. You would want to get like an intense 10 – 15 seconds kiss but then you also have to be the one who stops the kiss FIRST and pull back. You see this particular move, this pull-back of a thing, it’s definitely going to drive them completely crazy and it’s going to leave them just wanting to kiss you even more and more.


Infact guys, if you do this just right, it’s going to make them want to rip your clothes off right then and there. But hey! Don’t use this trick on someone you feel nothing for cuz believe me, you will be the one who ends up running away. I bet you these hacks will work the magic for you and they are CERTAINLY NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTS!


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