3 Things Girls Really Want Guys To Do (but may not say)

Okay guys, in some of our previous posts, we talked about those things that men secretly desire but may not actually say; and also, the qualities every lady desires to have in her man. Below are the two links to guide you to view each of these posts more:

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And so guys, today and in this very topic, we will be explaining those things girls desperately want you to do, but for whatever reason, may not even tell you. This has nothing to do with qualities but the right moves that guys should take towards girls, be it their casual friends or even their dates.


1. She Wants You to Make the Move.

It s*cks but no matter how badly a lady wants to be with you, date, kiss, make out or even have s*x with you, she will never be the one to make that first move; and this is why you need to learn to read a girl’s body language, because that’s what is going to tell you when she’s ready. To understand your partner’s body language, I suggest you..

See This Article: Understanding His Or Her Body Language. (A Guide to Knowing what their Body is Saying But their Mouth isn’t.


First of all, let’s take a look at what a girl might do if she doesn’t want to kiss you. She’s obviously not going to make a lot of physical contact with your body and even when you lean in, she’s going to lean out just to keep her distance from you. However, if she does wants you to kiss her, she’s going to be fl*rting with her body, her legs might be touching yours, she could be reaching over and touching you a lot, or even playfully touching her hair and making a really strong eye contact with you. If she’s doing a couple of these things, dude she’s ready. She wants you to kiss her. Go Kiss Her!


2. Refine Yourself.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you may never have heard a girl say something like this, “oh! I wish I could just find a man that would spend time grooming himself and keeping up with the latest fashion trends, or at least, have a great dress sense. Where can I find one like that?”. Funny thing is… that’s exactly what girls want. Okay right this minute, I challenge you to take out your phone and look up the hottest girls you know in Instagram. What do their boyfriends look like?


I would bet my entire bank account that their guys have trendy haircut, they spend a lot of time grooming themselves and they also wear the latest fashion trends. The fact her is that most girls are attracted to guys like this. Girls don’t want to be dating guys who wear baggy clothes, don’t groom their, don’t have a nice sense of dressing and who don’t even take much care of their appearance. Now, speaking of refining yourself, Smelling Good should be at the top of your check list.


3. Attention to Details.

One thing that most girls will tell you is that they want you to make them feel special. However most guys take this the wrong way and they begin to do an entirely different thing. They start to shower her with lots of unnecessary compliments. Dude, showering a girl with too much compliments and telling her how much you really like her is just going to make you appear desperate and needy. Instead, there’s a more intelligent way to make her feel special you know.


All you need to do is to listen when people are talking to you. Not just girls alone, but anybody, both make and female. Because if you actually hear what they say and later on, bring it back up and you follow up on it, they’re going to know that you really give a d*mn about them and that’s going to make them feel important. And hey… it’s definitely going to make them like you even much more.


Here Sugars… That brings us to the end of this article. If you made it to the end and really enjoyed this piece, be sure to hit the like button. And if you haven’t subscribed yet to this blog, don’t forget to hit the follow button below and put in your email address or username. You will surely get notified on our new contents because we publish more of articles like this constantly. Stay tuned for the next post. Stay happy!


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