Games Men Play – 5 Ways To Make Her Crazy About You.

Hi Guys.. What’s good? Oh! My jingles. I’m so excited today. Welcome to my blog once again. Now, I’m going to tell you five things you can do as a guy to make girls go gaga for you and I bet they secretly want this too. Gosh! I promise you dude, if you do these things consistently, you’re going to make girls so damn crazy about you, and even want to be with you. So if you’re ready, let’s get started.


1. Be Sneaky Chivalrous.

You have to realize that girls want you to be chivalrous, but they want you to do it in a specific way. A lot of guys make this mistake of being the “overly nice guy” when I they think of chivalry, and then they start to shower girls with lots of compliments and gifts. However, in practice, what girls actually want you to do are simply small things like opening the door and pulling out the seat. That’s what’s going to make her crazy. Also, I you’re walking down the road orl a sidewalk with her, you have to position yourself on the other side where the cars are. This act sort of creates his aura of you trying to protect her from the on-coming traffic.


Now, I’m not saying that girls don’t love compliments. We actually do! So once in a while, it’s totally fine to shower compliments. So if you’re hanging out with a girl and you want to compliment her, that’s nice. But don’t shower her with lots of it all the time because it doesn’t mean a thing. Yeah, it just completely removes the power of the compliment.


2. Be Fresh As Fuck.

Dude, I’m sure that you would want to do everything in your power to eliminate any chances that you are ever gonna gross a girl out. Shower everyday, always wear a nice smelling deodorant, trim your nose hair, keep her neckline trimmed and your beards neatly shaven so it doesn’t look nasty. Also, if you want to give yourself an edge over other guys, then don’t just stop there.


You will also have to regularly manscape yourself, trimming the hairs on your abs, even down below, round your balls. This is even going to make them pop out more and look bigger. When you do all of these things, girls are going to feel a lot more comfortable getting close to you physically and even taking things to the next level.


3. And Just Before The kiss.

Obviously, the first big physical step with a girl is kissing her, then after that comes s*x and all that stuff. But a lot of guys completely neglect the importance of physical touch before the kiss. It’s really important whether you are on a date at a bar, or at a movie with a girl, to touch her. A few ways you can do this is by slouching your arms over her shoulder, touching her arms, her thighs, slowly moving your hands up and down. These would give her goose bumps and turn her on before you even get to kiss her.


But then, be extremely careful the way your hands roam about. If she isn’t comfortable with your moves or if she demand you stop, then you should put a halt to those moves of yours, thereby respecting her body. You don’t want to rush to touching her immediately. First, you have to set the mood by guiding her somewhere along whether it’s sitting next to each other at the bar or on a sofa. I promise you, being in that more intimate environment and position will make it way easier to get this done.


4. They Ultimate Kissing Hacks.

This talks about what to do just before and after you must have kissed her. Most guys also screw up the actual kiss. Now, to know the hacks to use so as to kiss a girl and make her want you, I suggest you follow up my post on Smooching Hacks. I’m sure you don’t wanna ruin a blissful moment for yourself. The link below will guide you to it.

Smooching Hacks – Drive Them Crazy Simply By Kissing.


5. When To Stop Texting.

The exact same way you want to know when to pull back from kissing a girl, is also the same way you need to know when it’s time to stop replying to her text messages. The General Rule of Thumb here is to stop replying when the conversation is at a high point. So, maybe she’s sending you a bunch of hellos or emojis, or she’s responding to all of your texts very fast, dude, this is the perfect time to stop replying. The reason this is so powerful is because it’s going to drive her crazy. She’s going to be thinking.. “like what the h*ll?”, “Why isn’t this guy getting back to me?” It’s going to make her want you that much more.


But hey! You don’t have to do this everytime the conversation gets to a high point, but by periodically stopping and replying the next day. It’s going to keep her guessing and that’s right where you want her. Also, you shouldn’t play this particular game on someone you really love and in a relationship with. It’s just going to seem rude and disrespectful and you will only end up causing problems and hurting them. There’s a limit to everything you know. I hope this makes much sense.


Okay Sugars.. This brings us to the end of this exciting topic. And if you made it to the very end, be sure to hit he like button. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to this blog yet, don’t forget to hit on the follow button below as well, put in your email address or your login username. You surely would be getting notifications from us always because we publish more articles like this constantly. The next post is loading.. wait for it. Stay Mesmerized!


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