Essential Body Parts to Take Care of.

Our health is our life. Good health is life. Oh! Yes. Take proper care of your body parts; everything is not spiritual you know. How we treat and look after our body says a whole lot about who we are. Nurture your body. I’m sure you don’t want to end up in a hospital bed. We need to take care of our selves and every part of our body. No part of our body is useless. They are all important. However, they are certain parts that require maximum care because they go a long way in ensuring a longer a healthier life.


So Here are Essential Body Parts to Frequently Take Care of.


Be careful of whatever you put in your mouth because the stomach gets to receive it all. Always eat properly and at the right time. The stomach gets injured when you do not have breakfast in the morning.

The Stomach


Each human body comprises of two kidneys. It helps in eradicating toxic waste from the system, but it requires enough and constant clean water supply to carry out it’s functions effectively. The kidneys get injured when you constantly do not drink up to 8 glasses of clean water in a day. The article below will show you the benefits of drinking clean water always.

Begin Your Day with a Glass of Clean Water.



This part of the body is located right beneath the liver. It gets injured when you do not sleep until 11 o’clock in the night and do not wake up to the sunrise. I’m pretty certain you’ve heard of this popular cliche and nursery rhyme.. “Early to bed, early to rise makes us stronger and wise!”.

The Gallbladder


The small intestine is responsible for the digestion of our daily food consumption. It gets injured when you constantly eat cold and stale food. Meals are better eaten and more nutritious when freshly prepared.

The Small Intestine


They are also responsible for the reception, breakdown and digestion of our daily meals. They work hand in hand with the small intestine. The large intestines are injured when you always consume more fried and spicy food.

The Large Intestine


The lungs aid us in proper respiration. We need to always breathe in fresh air and avoid polluted environments at all cost. The lungs get injured when you breathe in smoke and stay in polluted environment of cigarettes.

The Lungs


The liver is injured when you eat heavy fried food, junk, and fast food just all the time. Be mindful of what you consume. Humans have just one liver unlike the kidneys where the other one can still be functioning if the other one fails. You really don’t want to experience a liver failure, or do you!

The Liver


Oh! dear heart, the most delicate, fragile, but yet, most important part of the human body. The HEART is injured when you eat your meal with more salt and cholesterol. It also gets injured when you associate with the wrong kind of people who know nothing about loving genuinely. The heart is to be treated with great love and caution.Your heart is your life. Guard it with all jealousy and optimum care.

The Heart


This part of the body is injured when you ingest too much of sweet things simply because they are tasty and freely available. Too much of everything is bad remember. So there should be a balance between the sweet and the not-so-sweet things you always consume.

The Pancreas


The Eyes are simply the most fragile and important external body part and organ. They are the doors to the soul. The eyes get injured when you work in the light of mobile phone and computer screen in the dark. They also get injured when you insert objects especially the hard ones into them. We should cultivate the habit of keeping our hands off our face especially our eyes.

The Eyes


The ears are organs for hearing. No body wants to be deaf for life. Just like the eyes, the ears also get injured when we put in objects especially hard ones into it. The only thing allowed to go into our ears are the cotton buds whenever we want to clean it. However, we shouldn’t go in too deep as that could damage the ear buds. Whatever unwarranted dirt or excessive oil that must leave the ear automatically moves down to the part where the cotton bud can comfortably reach. Also, don’t stay in noisy places, stay far away from speakers. And if you must make use of headsets and earplugs, ensure the volume isn’t too high as that could damage the olfactory love and some other parts of the ear.

The Right Ear


The brain is the organ and body part that directs, signals and controls the rest of the other body parts. The brain is the body conductor and it gets injured when you start having negative thoughts. It’s also injured when you constantly over-think yourself and when you don’t observe enough rest as at when needed.

A side view of the Brain

All these parts are simply not available in the market. Even when any of them gets faulty and you resort to a transplant, chances are still that you may not get out of the surgery room alive. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but the truth has to be told at all times. And even if/when you eventually do, you will still feel like something is missing because, that “original” part has already been tampered with. So take proper care and keep your body parts healthy. Now Sugars.. Do you promise to Always be Strong and Healthy, Safe and Sound, Hale and Hearty? Yes We Do! Awesome! That’s the Spirit! Stay Happy!


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