20+ Hilarious Questions to Ask Your Partner – (to Shake Off a Bad Day).

Life…? It’s just a combination of anything and everything. Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyday was filled with sunshine, rainbows, humour, laughter and all of that? Yessss! Of Course.

But let’s be real, not every day is a cake walk. Life isn’t really a bed of roses you know. It sure has it’s ups and downs. However, I’ve got a little trick to turn any frowns upside down, make you laugh until your belly aches, your cheeks hurt and tears come rolling down your eyes!


In fact, it’s the best way I know how to shake off a funky and re-connect with your lovey dovey and honey bunny.

Here Are 21 Hilarious Questions to Ask Your Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, OR Even, Your ‘Titleless’ Partner.

Why? Because Laughter is TRULY the Best Medicine when life throws you a curveball, your boss was a pain in the a*s, or you simply for whatever reason, woke up on the wrong side of bed.


1. What was your first impression of me? Did you ever dislike me?

2. What do I do in bed that you like most?

3. Do you think you are a good kisser?

4. If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite s*x, what would be the top three things you would do?

5. What were your nicknames while growing up, including the ones you didn’t want to stick with?


6. Would you rather endure childbirth or wear high heels for the entire day?

7. Have you ever obsses*ed over anything? (People, toys, movies, projects, problems).

8. What do you think is your best physical feature?

9. What do you think is my best physical feature?

10. If you had to go a week without your phone, what would you miss most about it?


11. A year without your phone or 2 months in a solitary confinement?

12. What is the most sensitive part of your body?

13. What do you think is the most sensitive part of my body?

14. If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would it be?

15. What actor or actress would best play you in a movie about your life?


16. If I let you dress me, what would I wear on our next date or outing?

17. Would you ever role play in bed?

18. A salty meal or a completely tasteless one?

19. Would you rather eat only rice and stew rice for a whole year or would you eat any meal of your choice but with no meat or fish for the whole year?

20. If you were to choose an outfit, which would you go with… yoga pants or skirts?


21. Choose between wearing a masculine pant or Pyjamas to work?

22. Would you rather our children grow up to be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?

23. Baby-sit a whole week or prepare the family meal for the entire week?

24. Would you rather I be completely hairless, or as hairy as a gorilla?

25. Is there a memory you have of me that always make you laugh?


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