Crucial Things to Avoid While on Your Period

Belonging to the female specie of humans, there are certain times of the month where we get to let go of those bodily fluids that weren’t put into use, or let’s just say, didn’t result to forming babies. But even at that, there are certain health guides, self care tips, or precaution which we have to apply during those times so that they don’t create problems for us in the future. These tips are both for the young and the old provided you’ve reached the stage of p*berty and having your monthly periods.


Ladies in the House, Please Do Not Do These Things When You Are on Your Menstr*ation.

1. Say No to Ice Water, Soda Water and Coconut.


Do not drink ice water, soda water or eat coconut while on your flow. You wanna know Why? Because research has proven that drinking ice, soda or eating coconuts during menstr*ation can cause some parts of the menstr*al bl*od to remain in the uter*ne wall, even after 5-10 years and that can cause “Uterine Cancer Or Tumor. This uterine cancer can cause barr*nness which is dang*rous.


2. No Shampooing this Period.

Do not apply shampoo on your head during menstr*ation because the pores of the head are open during this period. This can cause you head*che (hit the wind head), is very dang*rous and the effect can be felt both now when you’re young and later when you’re aged. So it’s advisable that you track your period and wash your hair with shampoo prior to the day it starts and then continue your washing after your period must have ended for that month. But you can still make do with water alone by simply pouring as much water as you want on your head.


3. Time to Take a Break from Cucumbers.

Again, I know you love cucumbers. I do too but we must look after our health. Sound health is life remember. Do not eat cucumbers during your periods because the sap present in cucumbers can block some menstr*al bl*od in the walls of the uterus and prevent the waste from flowing out through the v*gina. Just like ice, soda water and coconut, this remnant too can cause barr*nness.


4. Watch Out for Hard Objects.

In addition, while menstr*ating, your body should not be hit by hard objects, especially the abdomen. This is because your body system is in a very vulnerable state during this period. Being hit on the abdomen by hard objects can cause you to vom*t bl*od. Besides that, the uterus can get injured as well and this isn’t good for your health nor that of your unborn babies.


… Negligence of these Menstr*al Tips is the Beginning or “Origin of Uterine Cancer, Ovarian Cysts and Barr*nness”… Okay, so let’s digest this for now. Let’s also not forget to guard our health and Organs with all jealousy and caution. I’m sure you don’t wanna put that organ at risk. It’s gonna produce and protect Mini You for a space of 9 months remember.


Do you know any other precautions to put in place while on our periods? Please feel free to include that in the comment section below. And if you probably learnt something and of course, enjoyed this piece, don’t forget to hit the like button below.


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