Emotional Unavailability In Relationships -(An In-depth Look).

Hi Sugars! Welcome to my blog again. This very post has been on my mind for a long time cuz I’ve been wanting to make it and finally, here it is! This topic is not only highly requested, but highly sensitive too. You know why? Tha’ts because…


Emotional Unavailability happens to one of those words that we all like to throw around whenever we are sad, angry, hurt or being funny without even knowing what it really means and who it truly refers to. So I wrote this article to highlight the Six Crucial Headings which will guide us in understanding this post much better. They include:

  1. What Being Emotionally Unavailable Actually Means.
  2. How to Protect Oneself from Emotionally Unavailable Partners.
  3. How to Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Man.
  4. How to Deal with a Man Who is Emotionally Unavailable. 
  5. How to Spot an Emotionally Unavailable Woman.
  6. How to Deal with a Woman Who is Emotionally Unavailable.

So honey, drink a glass of chilled water, relax and then brace yourself for a very detailed, but super informative post. And Here We Go!


What Being Emotionally Unavailable Means.

For the sake of today’s topic, we will be defining the term, “Emotional Unavailability” in the context of a relationship, thus: “Emotional Unavailability in a Relationship”. So that said, what exactly do we mean when we say someone is emotionally unavailable?


An Emotionally Unavailable person is simply someone who refrains from sharing his or her feelings with their partner, in a way to avoid intimacy; oftentimes causing their loved ones to feel unloved and unwanted.


Sometimes, a man or even a woman will subconsciously be emotionally unavailable simply because he or she is trying to distance him/herself. And this happens either because they don’t want to be too invested, or they don’t want to fall in love or they’re trying keep their partners from falling in love. 


However, even though they don’t really mean it out of a malicious intent, nor do they want to hurt their partner, they still unwillingly and unintentionally end up doing exactly that. They hurt their partners because they are subconsciously making them feel unloved by depriving them of their love. 


So, now you might just be wondering…

How Can People Protect Themselves From Emotionally Unavailable Partners?

The Answer is Right Here…!

The best way to protect yourself from someone that is emotionally unavailable and maybe, not ready to enter into a committed relationship is:

  1. Firstly, by spotting those signs of emotionally unavailable people AND ALSO
  2. Secondly, by either learning to deal with these kinds of people OR by staying away from them if you just cannot deal with them.

These signs indicating that a person is emotionally unavailable are both obvious and not so obvious. And oftentimes, they only become evident when you are already dating the other person, which can lead to a lot of pain, hurt and heartbreak. Either way, the following emotionally unavailable characteristics of people can be helpful when you are trying to figure out if someone is ready to be in a relationship with you or not. And by knowing those signs, it will help you to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks. To cut the long story short, the next post gives a detailed explanation of those signs of emotionally unavailable men and how to deal with their kind.


And now, we’ve concluded the first and second sub-headings for this very post. Let’s digest this while we await the subsequent ones. Do you have any questions to ask or ideas you would like to share with us, please include that in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to hit the like button. If you haven’t subscribed yet to this blog, be free to do so on the follow button below. You will surely get notified on our new posts. So Stay Cool. Be Happy!


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