Becoming His Peace – (The One He Marries).

Men attend to Women for two reasons: For S*X and for LOVE. But in most cases, men do not Marry for S*x nor for Love alone. They marry for STABILITY; much more when it’s a combination of love, s*x and stability.

Let me explain this…

  • A man can Love You and still not Marry You.
  • A man can Have S*x with you for years without even marrying you.

But immediately he finds someone who brings stability into his life, he marries her.


What I mean by Stability is “Peace of Mind”. I have seen guys who said things like… “I love this lady but I don’t think I can spend the rest of my life with her”. “I like her but I just can’t afford to take things to the next level”. “I would have loved to make her my wife, but she could k*ll me before my time”.


This only portrays that love is never enough. Your character and attitude counts. Compatibility and stability matters a whole lot too. It’s good to marry your friend, but choose that friend that understands you the most. Marry the one who understands your soul so you don’t end up explaining your life out.


Peace of mind, no doubt, happens to be one of those things every man secretly yearns for in life. To gain more insight on those other things men really crave and need, I’d advise you go through this exceptional piece of article…

10 Things Men Secr*tly Desire – but may not say.


Notwithstanding, any lady who really loves her man and wants to see him happy and excel in life wouldn’t hesitate to give him this stability he needs from her. If you would like to know more of those things a lady can sincerely and whole heartedly do for love… I’d suggest you see this article just below too.

10 Things a Woman Does Only for the Man She Truly Loves.


When it comes to marriage, men are visionaries. They do not think about wedding dresses, make-ups, shape and size of the cake, bridesmaids or all those things that most ladies think of as fanciful. Men delve into a deeper thinking because they would always put into consideration those crucial matters that can bring them a long lasting and peaceful home. They understand that the wedding is just for a day but marriage continues afterwards. It isn’t a child’s play.


Just before a man makes that choice of a woman in his life, he checks whether the woman:

  • Can build him a home.
  • Can take care of his kids and
  • Can give him PEACE of mind.

To learn ways in which you can become your man’s peace and be the woman he runs home to after work on each blessed day, then this article is for you, darling. Don’t hesitate to read…

15 Ways to Become Your Man’s Peace.


This is why a man can stay with a woman for years without bothering to take things to the next level. But then, he meets another in a couple of months and gets married to her.


It’s that comfort of having Peace of Mind that he craves. It’s that comfort of knowing that even when every other person out there disrespects, disregards, complains, complicates and stresses his life out, he’s still got that special wonder woman who would always shower him with respect, appreciation, honour and try to make things much easier for him. That’s His Ideal Woman we are talking about here.


Men don’t like ladies who give them “much” discomfort. Infact, nobody actually does. By this, I don’t mean those men that would always run off at the slightest form of discomfort because those ones are just fair-weather friends. A real man tolerates people, accommodates and goes extra miles to ensure that the woman he loves is happy and comfortable.


But a fake one will always complain and zoom off when the conditions aren’t favourable only to return when things are back to normal and seem to be flowing well again. Telling them your problems seem like an unnecessary nag and a great disturbance to them.


Ladies, when you’ve got that incredible man who adores, loves, respects, cherishes, provides, protects and ensures you’re happy and comfortable, please give him that stability he needs in life. Give him that peace of mind he craves. He deserves it. He’s worth it a million times over. Be His Peace!

  • S*x is a Pleasure…
  • Love is an Affection…
  • RESPECT is Stability!!!

I hope this post helps someone out there to safeguard and maintain their relationship and marriage life; and just maybe, save a crashing one and see to it’s immediate revival. Stay Happy Sugars!


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