15 Ways to Become Your Man’s Peace.

Stability… peace of mind.. one of the greatest needs and desire of every human out there, but most especially, the men folk. A woman who loves to see her man happy, fulfilled and live longer must learn to give her man peace, at all times. The previous post to see the beginning of this topic so you can understand it better. The link below will guide you.

Becoming His Peace – (The One He Marries).


Ways You Can Give Him Stability.

1. Love him dearly and always express it. Let him know you’re always his number one fan and cheer leader.

2. Respect him and all that pertains to him. Respect is one of the greatest needs of men. As a matter of fact, they value their self respect more than they value the things of the heart.


3. Appreciate his efforts no matter how little they may seem. You never can tell how much sacrifice he makes just to see you happy and comfortable.

4. Never look down on him. People are watching but you may not even get to notice. Hold him in a very high regard and never give others the opportunity to look down on him.


5. Resist the urge to talk back at him especially when he’s angry. That could bruise his ego and infuriate him the more. You can always come back when he’s in a better mood and then talk things over.

6. And when talking things over, address him in a proper and calm tone. Talk like a well-mannered lady that you really are. There’s no rule anywhere that says you must be rud* and insu*ting in order to prove a point or pass a message across. There is none my darling so speak courteously. He would respect you more for this.


7. Listen attentively to him. Pay attention to his body and love languages. They would guide you to understand him better. Don’t just keep talking here and there, like a parrot without control. Allow him express himself too and listen while he talks. There’s no communication without attention you know.

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8. Pamper him. Men love to be pampered too. Call him by his pet names and watch him grin from ear to ear. Praise him when he does things for you. Infact, even for no reason, praise him and pamper him. Surprise him with gifts too.

9. Make sweet and passionate love to him when he needs it. S*x is another great need of every man. Ease him off the stress and tension of the day’s activity. Once in a while, let him place his head on your bo*bs and thighs. It has a subsconscious effect on the mind in terms of relaxation.


10. Cut down on your nagging, demands and complaints. There are other better and even more effective ways to present cases and get the desired result. You really do not have to nag the life out of that man that has chosen to love and cherish you with his whole heart. Don’t send the young and innocent man to an early gr*ve with your constant complaints and excessive demands. You are still his help mate remember.


11. Feed his ego, don’t bruise it. Men don’t play with their ego. Don’t insu*t or take him for granted. Familiarity has a way of taking things for granted so watch it. Don’t become too familiar with him that you forget yourself and even forget the fact that he’s still the man in the relationship; your own man and your one in a million lover.


12. Wake him each morning with a tender kiss and always welcome him back home each day with a warm embrace plus a glass of clean water if possible. That would calm his nerves and make him feel appreciated, needed and loved.

You wanna know the benefits of drinking water? I’d suggest you read this piece…

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13. Give him some space whenever the need arises. It helps him unwind, clear his head, reason out solutions to problems (if any) and then make proper plans for the future.

14. Treat him like a King cuz that’s who he is to you. There’s no king without a queen you know. So regard him as such, then watch him treat and adore you like the one and only true Queen of his heart forever.


15. Finally, Always Pray for that Special Man in your Life. Stand in the gap for him at all times. Be his prayer warrior. Be his backbone. Be that woman that tirelessly intercedes for her man. Always commit his endeavours into the hands of the Almighty and watch Him protect, guide, provide and of course, bless your man abundantly and in all ramification. That’s the Power of a Prayerful Woman.


Ladies, in all your doing, don’t forget to be that kind of woman every man wishes to be with; the type that men would be blessed and delighted to have. Such that when he turns and looks at you, he’ll be like… “Good Heavens! God Bless the Day I Met You”. Baby Girl, be your man’s answered prayers. Become His Peace, Today!


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19 responses to “15 Ways to Become Your Man’s Peace.”

  1. Agnes Avatar

    Wow, thanks for the tip. I think they’ll really help alot. 💖💖

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    1. Olivera Avatar

      You are most welcome @Agnes.. I’m glad you found the tips useful.


  2. 10 Things Men Secr3tly Desire… but may not say – Olivera's Tips Avatar

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  3. Faythe Avatar

    Wow thank you. This has helped save my marriage

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    1. Olive Dynamite Avatar

      @Faythe You’re welcome dear. I’m glad to hear that.


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