8 Glaring Things Ladies Think Guys Like – (but are actually huge turn offs).

Actually, it amazes me how often men and women tend to assume things about the opposite s*x although this is something we’ve all been guilty of at one point or another, especially when it comes to likes and dislikes. At times, these assumptions we have about what the opposite s*x wants can be hilarious. Other times, they can make you stay involuntarily single for a very long time… longer than you may even want to.


Ever wondered what you’re doing wrong when it comes to attracting guys? You keep asking yourself what it is you’re “innocently” not doing right when it comes to maintaining relationships. Apparently, we’ve made our research on this and have had the guys but most especially our close male friends provide us with answers to these things which they consider “huge turn offs”.


Below is a list of qualities or let’s just say… “behaviours” that women think men like, but that these men actually say they h*te. Listen up ladies and take your correction now because these things are not in any fre*king way, s*xy at all to men. Got that?


1. Playing a D*mb A*s.

I still can’t understand why girls think guys want them to play dum* in order to get asked out or wanted. That’s stup*dity in the highest order. Most guys find dum* girls to be pretty terr*ble, especially for long-term relationships. They might want you for just a fl*ng but nothing beyond that. So if you want to get into a relationship that would mean and turn out well, stup*dity or d*mbness isn’t what you should be trying to flaunt. Never!

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2. Being Purposely Tr*shy.

Most girls also think that being tras*y and sleaz* will get men to be interested in them. This could work out in your favour assuming that you’re looking for ho*kups and nothing serious as a commitment. This is because it makes you seem way more open to s*x.


However, most guys will see tras*y clothing and behaviour as a major turn off when they are trying to find a wife. No sensible man wants his woman exposing her body to the public, neither do they want a rude woman for a life partner. Be Wise!

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3. Door Matt*ng.

Do you constantly find yourself agreeing to things you shouldn’t agree to, just in hopes that men will like you? Do you also let things slide that you know makes you feel so much uncomfortable? Honey, but why sweep things under the carpet just to please someone who isn’t even worth it in anyway? This is another form of fo*lishness and is termed, “door matt*ng”.


Sweetheart, being such a door mat just to gain recognition and acceptance is purely unappealing. In fact, it practically turns everyone off, since everyone wants a partner with a spin* of their own, a mind of their own, a voice of their own and not someone who can easily be intimidat*d or p*shed around by any and everybody. Be Confident in Yourself!

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4. Acting Like Such a D*va.

A lot of dating guides make it sound like d*va behaviour is the best way to get a guy. This couldn’t be far from the truth per say. But then, while being assert*ve is all cool and nice, being too demanding, unrealistic and acting like the best thing that has happened to the entire universe isn’t attractive to any man. There’s a limit to everything!

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5. Being Qu*rky.

Thanks but no thanks to the movie industry, a lot of girls now think that guys prefer girls who are overly “qu*rky”. This is true to some point though. However, most of the time, the kind of guys it attracts are not “good bachelors” in the least and they tend to see you as their own “Man*c Pix*e Dream Girl”. You’re just there to save them from themselves.


Baby Girl, you don’t necessarily have to act awkwardly strange just to get noticed by some random dude out there, you know. You honestly do not need to do that sh*t.


On the other hand, well-adjusted men don’t like girls who can’t be true to themselves, or let’s just say… simply can’t be themselves and this kind of qu*rky act quickly becomes obviously fake. It’s way better to just be yourself, even if you’re as normal as anything you can think of. Be you honey, Do you!

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6. Playing the Damsel in Distre*s.

This ploy may have worked for the Disney Princesses, but in reality, most men can’t stand a lady who simply can’t take proper care of herself. Having to take care of a full grown being

is quite exhausting and it makes you lose interest and respect for them much more quickly. The speci* of men who go for girls who do this are not men who are capable of a healthy relationship. They will even help in bringing you down instead of lifting you up, so don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

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7. Pretentious Attitude.

Pretending to be someone you’re not makes no meaning to even begin with. A lot of girls will do this just so they can date that dude they have their eyes on. However, when this particular guy gets to see the real thing you’re made of and starts to realize that you’re not who you claim to be, he ends up getting very turned off and feeling dup*d.


Don’t do this unless you’re looking for heartbreak and res*ntment in the future because sooner or later, he’s definitely going to d*mp you for someone with a real and true character! Stay True to Yourself at all Times, Baby!

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8. Being Overly Cl*ngy.

Are you a stage-five cli*ger? Well you need to put an end to this as soon as possible. Yes I understand you like him that much, you really love this dude with every fib*r in you, you always want to be with him, you’d like to do things together, infact, the only love language you happen to understand is “quality time” or even constant “words of affirmation”, but hey! Stop it already!

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Get a grip of yourself before you end up chasing him away. It’s true we all want to feel loved, valued, cherished and needed but don’t forget that everyone still needs a little space every now and then.


Sugar, if you can’t leave a little breathing room for a potential partner or a partner to hang out with friends or have a co*ktail after work, you’re chok*ng him with excessive and unwanted attention. Not just that, one way or the other, you’re unintentionally going to p*sh him away. So slow down, take a deep breath and take things one step at a time. Surely, you’ll be Alright!


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