21 Days Challenge for November.

Oh! My Jingles.. Feeling Mesmerized already coupled with Butterflies in my belly and I’m so excited. You wanna know why? Well, I’ll tell ya.. Cuz baby girl was born in this very month of November. A product of the Special Valentine’s Day per say. Going by the astrological signs, she’s a Scorpio Queen. Hallelujah! And now guess what?


This very month challenge is termed the “Couples Edition” because it’s solely for lovers. And of course, this will help you build a solid relationship and be more loving, kind, sweet, romantic and yes, thoughtful towards your significant other. You can never go wrong with these ideas.


So here are 21 ways to say, ‘I love you’ without actually voicing it out.

DAY 1:

Reminisce about when you first met. Go down the memory lane baby, I’m pretty sure that would get you grinning from cheek to cheek.


DAY 2:

Make a list of things you love about your partner and give it to them. come on, you can’t possibly tell me that there’s nothing special about them that you love.

DAY 3:

Plan a surprise date night. Be it indoors or outdoors at some fancy restaurant, just go on a date with them.


DAY 4:

Tell your partner you love them at an unexpected time.

DAY 5:

Surprise your partner with something good/gift.

DAY 6:

Share a fear you have about your relationship and reach a positive agreement.


DAY 7:

Share a good memory you have about your partner.

DAY 8:

Send a romantic morning text to your partner. Let them wake up to a freshly composed sweet text. It would surely make their day, trust me.


DAY 9:

Thank your partner for something today.

DAY 10:

Tell your partner you love how much they love and appreciate you.

DAY 11:

Share a goal you have for your relationship and work towards achieving it.


DAY 12:

Give your partner a compliment. Spoil and praise that special person in your life today. That act alone can boost their self esteem and make them feel good.

DAY 13:

Plan a weekend getaway. Have fun, catch some cruise. Life is hard already, so don’t k*ll yourself trying to solve all the problems in the world.


DAY 14:

Make your partner breakfast in bed. I don’t know of anyone who would refuse to be given this special treat.

DAY 15:

Look at old pictures together. It brings back memories you know.


DAY 16:

Make a bucket list together. Asides your relationship, there should be something else you want to do with your life. Work on those dreams and bring them to accomplishments.

DAY 17:

Pick a random word and start a deep conversation together.


DAY 18:

Make a romantic audio clip for your partner and send to them.

DAY 19:

See a movie with your partner. Whether it’s at the cinema or right there in the sitting room, just see some nice movies together.


DAY 20:

Make your partner their favourite dish for dinner.

DAY 21:

Express your feelings and emotions and hold nothing back. Make sweet and passionate love to them.


And that brings us to the end of the November Couples’ Edition Month Challenge. Smiles. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on this very month’s challenge, right? Yeah yeah.. So Let’s Do This!


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