Do Your Armpits Smell Like Onions? Here’s Why…

It’s no news that as humans, we tend to sweat whenever the temperature is so hot or we find ourselves in a very crowdy and rowdy environment. Now you may want to ask…

Why exactly do we even sweat? Well honey, we sweat so that our body system can COOL OFF!!!

And how exactly does the body “cool off”? It cools off by letting out particles in form of water and vapour which is termed, “sweat”.


Now, this sweat isn’t just water alone. No, it’s not. It contains a much more higher percentage of water mixed with a much lower percentage of some other particles.

Here is the breakdown of what the human sweat composes of:

  1. Up to 90% of Water.
  2. Urea.
  3. Minerals.
  4. Salt.
  5. Sugar.
  6. Ammonia.
  7. Vitamins and the rest of it.

It’s this sweat that feeds the bacteria present on the skin and that bacteria then produces an odour.

That asides, everyone has a different Microbiome (the diverse colony of micro-organisms like bacteria that live all over your body), which is influenced by things like diet, stress, environment and genes.


So to say, at some points in our lives, we’ve all done that “turn and whiff” thing you know; when you slyly turn your head to see if your pits are st*nking up a storm. Recall that right? Yeah.. But what happens when that smell is kinda “Onion-y? Like why on Earth does it even have to smell like an onion in the first place. Yaaakk!! Sweetheart, calm down okay? I do know how you feel about this and I can bet the feeling is so fre*king unpleasant. Yeah I know right?


Actually, it’s not all that weird, because some people just smell like onions and even much more than that. Oh! Yes they do! Quote me anywhere, anytime. People really do smell “onion-y” at some points.

It’s totally normal for your armpits to smell like onions, BUT there are a few ways to stop that Mal-odour.


Interestingly enough, armpit odours range from “sulfury-cat urine”, to “acid-spicy”, to “foot” (moldy) and then to the dre*ded “fresh onion” smell. So Relaxxxx!!! It’s just your own Microbiome at work here.

The reason someone’s sweat smells mustier is based on their own microbiome. It doesn’t mean that he or she is such an un-neat person.


Bottom Line: If your armpits smell like onions, you just happen to have that type of bacteria that gives you that “onion-y” odour.


Well, that being said and understood… I’m sure you would now be wondering what you can possibly do to prevent or perhaps, stop this body odour if you already have it. Darling, that’s completely okay and definitely the right step to take right here and now!

So read up my next post on, “How to Stop Armpits From Smelling Like Onions” and then save yourself from a whole lot of discomfort and public embarrassments. Oh! Yes, it’s that easy. It’s really not rocket science you know. So Watcha!!!


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2 responses to “Do Your Armpits Smell Like Onions? Here’s Why…”

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    […] READTHIS:  Do Your Armpits Smell Like Onions? Here’s Why. […]


  2. Misty Avatar

    Hyperhidrosis, Bromhidrosis, etc are some of the top causes of body odor. Check out for more!


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