Eating Just Before S£X? What You Need to Know

Our libid0 is affected by a variety of factors such as stress, work, financial status, diet and exercise. However, one very important feature which influences our s£x drive is our DIET, which we can easily control over time.


Though we cannot always control what we eat, we can definitely ensure that on the day of a date, or the night before a date, or even on the day we plan on getting intimate with our partner, we can surely be mindful of whatever we are eating.


You know why? These eats can k!LL your vibe with gas, bloating, cramps and so much more. Yikes! Some meals and snacks are the perfect aphrodisiac, but others can put a stop to your night or moment altogether. It would be so thoughtful of you to avoid these mood-busting culpr!ts.


Imagine you went out with a hot date or your partner and after a romantic dinner, you’re in the mood for some s£xercise — happens to all of us, doesn’t it? But just then, your stomach shows its disapproval: you start to feel heavily bloated or some mild cramps and your lib! so subsequently drops too! You might wonder what happened all of a sudden, but honey, it’s actually the food you ate at dinner playing spoilsport. Oops!


Certain foods which can cause a dip in your s£x drive should definitely BE AVOIDED during times like this. To see the list of worst foods which you should NEVER ever take if you plan to get intimate or have a night out with your partner…Read up the next article titled: “15 Foods You Should Avoid Before Getting Between The Sheets”.


MUST READ: 15 Foods to Avoid Before Getting Between the Sheets.

The above link will guide you to it. READ, LEARN and ENJOY!

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    […] Eating Just Before S£X? What You Need to Know October 19, 2021 […]


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