15 Foods to Avoid Before Getting Between the Sheets

While certain foods can enhance your s£x drive, there are others that are a complete no-no before s£x. We all know the kinds of food that can turn the heat up in the bedroom, but how about those that k!ll the vibe? That’s why we are here to tell you about all the foods you MUST avoid, if you’re looking for some s£xy time with your date or partner.

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Certain foods which can cause a dip in your s£x drive should definitely be avoided.

Following is a List of Food Items or Meals which you Should Avoid if you Plan to Get Intimate or have a Night Out with your Partner.


1. Beans.

Although beans are full of energy and a filling meal; the after effects include bloating, feeling sluggish and also an increase in your flatulence levels. A playground rhyme goes: “Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart / The more you eat, the more you fart / The more you fart, the better you feel / So eat those beans at every meal.” But honey, your heart may not feel so amorous if you eat beans before getting intimate. While beans are nutritious, high in fiber and rich in protein, they also contain “Oligosaccharides” (indigestible sugars that the body can’t break down easily). The after-dinner results are often cramps and excessive gas—two things that certainly don’t add that special something to a romantic mood. Beans contain sugar molecules that are quite hard for the body to digest and by the time it reaches your colon, the bacteria turns these molecules into a lot of gas! And you don’t want to be farting away all night for sure! It’s best to avoid beans before lovemaking.


2. Onions and Garlic.

We all know how onion and garlic can give us bad breath, but that’s not all; they can also alter the od0ur of your secretions. Eww! Yes, it’s true. So if you’re expecting some hanky-panky and lovey dovey moment tonight, don’t eat foods laden with onions. Not only will it affect your breath, it could produce some skanky body od0urs too. Pung€nt foods are a big no-no before s£x, so just stay away from caramelised onions or your favourite garlic chutney before the big night!


3. Heavy Alcohol Intake.

You might think getting drunk can spice things up, but turns out it can be a buzz k!ller. Alcohol increases “melatonin”, (the hormone that induces sleep and also alters your libid0). This in turn can make you sluggish and not so ready for the act! One adult drink may help you relax, but knocking back a few or more may take a toll on your s£x life. That’s because alcohol lowers test0sterone and dampens your nervous system, which affects circulation and nerve sensitivity. So it might be harder for you to become ar0used. Drinking too much can also make you dehydrated. That can lead to fatigue, headaches, and vag!nal dryness. Ever watched a rom-com and noticed that as soon as a frisky couple has a few drinks and hops into bed, one of them falls asleep almost immediately? It’s not just a plot point! Wine and beer increases melatonin. Just one glass makes you sluggish. In fact, it can also cause er€ctile difficulties, inhibit 0rgasms and increase your partner’s chances for pr€mature €jaculation.


4. Boiled Eggs.

Although boiled eggs are full of energy; the after effects include an unpleasant mouth sm€ll and also an increase in your flatulence levels. Worst part is…the moment you belch, you release some unpleasant od0ur from your mouth and you definitely do not want that occuring whilst you’re so busy k!ssing, sm00ching and making out with your partner. The after-dinner result include excessive gas—one thing that certainly doesn’t add that special something to a romantic mood. You might love gorging on boiled eggs or anything close to it but it’s best to avoid it during this period. You definitely do not want to be farting away all night!


5. Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks in general are not good since they contain artificial sweeteners and are full of sugar, which could give you a b00st in the short run, but are very harmful to you in the long run

6. Cheese.

Dairy products in general are libid0 k!llers. This is why it’s better to avoid cheese as you aren’t going to be feeling very high on passion after having it. If you’re lactose intolerant, then you certainly must steer clear of cheese! Mozzarella, ricotta or even cottage cheese are high in lactose and can cause severe discomfort in your stomach. And we’re sure you really don’t want to feel disappointed after that date. So, avoid those cheesy pizzas, pastas or even burgers, if you plan on getting laid tonight!


7. Carbonated Drinks.

It’s a no-brainer that carbonated drinks are unhealthy, but guess what? They are the w0rst beverage to have before s£x! That’s because it can make you bloated and gassy. You don’t want your lovemaking session to be interrupted by farts and burps! Gr0ss, isn’t it? Cola equals farts and burps and no one wants that during s£x right? If you’re sensitive to carbonation, stay away from tonic water and sodas. Belching is the last thing you want to be doing during a romantic night.


8. French Fries and Salty Foods.

Avoid salty foods before s£x! That’s because foods loaded with salt make you feel dehydrated and bloated in no time. You clearly don’t want that, right? Since French fries are fried, they’re obviously not good for health, but at the same time, excess consumption could lead to lowering of test0sterone and decrease bl00d circulation. As with h0t d0gs, the trans-fat in fries can negatively impact test0sterone levels and circulation. Fries’ high salt content can also make it tr!ckier for men with high bl00d pressure to stay er€ct. For healthy folks, the sodium can bring on the not-so-s€xy sensation of bloating. If you’re craving potato, eat a baked or cooked one instead. It releases the feel-good chemical dopamine, improving your time between the sheets. Anything too salty increases water retention and bloating. Another downside? Bl00d flow is what makes an 0rgasm possible and too much salt will make it more difficult to get to that point.


9. Mint.

Certain studies have proved that the menthol present in peppermint can reduce test0sterone levels, hence lowering your s€x drive. Of course, if bad breath is what you’re scared of and a date is around the corner, do pop that chewing gum. All we’re saying is that nothing is good in excess. Bad breath may be a turn-off, but freshening it up might not help your situation in the sack. Chomping on peppermint-flavored gum means more bad news since chewing brings air into your system, making you burp. While m0ans and grunts may enhance s€x, belches are better left out of the soundtrack. If mint is a must before a romp, try peppermint tea. It’s relatively low in menthol and it’s better than chewing gum for digestion. It’s great for k!ssing, but studies show it can put a damper on your desire and energy for a quick romp. And chewing peppermint gum is an added buzzk!ller because you tend to swallow air, which leads to more gas.


10. Coffee.

Too much caffeine raises your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. According to research, high amounts make it more difficult for your body to relax and lower your libid0.

11. Overload of Starchy Carbs.

We all know junk food means an overload of carbs, but consuming too much can reduce your bl00d sugar levels and that’ll make you super sluggish! If you want to spice up your s£x life, ditch any carb-heavy meal like fries, rice or pastas.


12. Desserts and Sugars.

If sweet treats make you go weak in the knees, then there’s some bad news for you. All those sugar-laden cakes and c00kies can destroy your s€x experience. That’s because desserts are loaded with trans fat and sugar which can prevent you from reaching the big O. That’s not all; the sweetness also increases the insulin levels in your body and that’s not what you want in the bedroom!

13. Spicy Food.

If you want to spice up your s€x life, then it’s time to avoid h0t foods before s€x. Spicy food can cause acid reflux, indigestion or even trigger you to go to the loo a thousand times! Not something you’d like, isn’t it?


14. Soy Products.

The more test0sterone, the higher your s€x drive — for both men and women. But excessive amounts of soy in your diet can cause a horm0nal imbalance. A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men who consume 120 milligrams or more of soy a day had a significant decrease in test0sterone. Soy might be healthy, but consuming excessive amounts can cause horm0nal imbalance and that means low libid0! So, if you’re a vegan, avoid soy before a h0t and heavy session in the bedroom.


15. Fruits and Cruciferous Vegetables.

Avoid fruits, especially post-meal. Fruits digest really quickly — a lot more quickly than anything you could possibly eat; and that can lead to cramping, gas and general discomfort. Likewise, avoid cruciferous vegies. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli are all methane-producing foods. Just make sure you cook them well or they’ll make you really gassy — symptoms you don’t want to experience before getting it on.


So ladies and gentlemen, the next time you’re out on a romantic date, or planning on getting busy between the sheets with your partner, avoid these foods and enjoy steamy s£x and a passionate lovemaking session like never before!

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