Morning S£X: 10 Reasons You Should Get It On in the A.M

Good Morning S£x! And oooh! my gosh… Here comes our Morning GloryHallelujah!

You know that feeling of sleeping beside your lover each night and waking up next to them every blessed morning? Well…that’s one of the best feelings in the world. But then.. that feeling is just as sweet as waking up to a passionate lovemaking session under the duvet with that adorable lover of yours.


No doubt, most s£x are pretty great and ooops! breath-taking. But there’s something about it being the very first thing you do in the morning that makes “doing the do” that much better and sweeter. Yeah yeah, you heard me right.

Still skeptical? Not to worry. Simply scroll down for every single benefit that a.m. romps have to offer–and see how much better your day goes.


1. You are in Bed Already.

You don’t have to put in much effort cuz you’re already in a prime and more comfortable location to get it on. Simply roll over and tell your partner what you want to do to them to get them going. And you know, at this point, they will be less likely (almost impossible) to turn you down. All you’ll both have left to do at this point is slip out of your pajamas. And if you sleep nak£d, then you really have no excuse whatsoever. So get busy already.


2. A.M. Romps Better Prepare You for the Day.

Starting your day off with a great lovemaking session coupled with a big bowl of–and who knows, series of mindlowing 0rgasms can give your productivity a boost during the day. Plus, you’re going to shower anyway, right? Well, now you actually have something worth washing off.


3. It Strengthens Your Relationship.

The same way a morning romp in the sheets will have you feeling giddy all day long, is the same way it can also reinforce your relationship. How? I’ll tell you. During s£x, Oxytocin, (i.e. the cuddle chemical) is being released. It’s a hormone that fosters a sense of love and attachment. This means that having it on in the early hours of the morning will have you feeling more connected to your partner all day afterwards. As you daydream about what went down this morning, you might even get the urg£ to send your partner some fr£aky texts and who knows…those texts might just turn into f0replay for ’round two’ of the show TONIGHT. What’s even more? Having s£x before you’ve spoken a word to another person asides your partner can make a morning romp feel like a little secret between the two of you that no one else will ever be in on. Goodness me!…what an Intimacy to behold.


4. It Fosters a Healthy Vulnerability.

Who said ambiance meant a dark candlelit room? Listen honey, seeing EVERY single part of your partner’s body and likewise, baring it all for them to take in with utmost pleasure in the morning light is just sooo sensual. You can bare it all in the morning, Swidy. Oh! Yes you can. There’s just something about being fully exposed and with nothing to hide that brings partners closer… And that gladly takes us to the next point.


5. It Boosts Your Confidence.

It’s not surprising that not every person feels h0t and appealing when they open their eyes, probably due to the shaggy hair or being seen without make-up. Getting intimate in the first part of the day boosts your confidence (including your sensual confidence). How’s that? Feeling wanted and desired by your partner, in any event, in any situation, especially when your hair is untidy and you have just woken up, makes you more certain, genuinely invited and truly needed. Also, it makes you to understand that you are indeed h0t and beautiful simply without make-ups or the ideal haircut.


6. Your Privacy is at Optimal Level.

This is so because it’s basically kid-proof. Sometimes all it takes is setting your alarm an hour or 30 minutes before the kids wake up in order to get that alone time in. You’ll be able to better prioritize your s£x life and your pleasure by having it in the morning, because you can lessen the risk of a little one knocking on the door—or, in some cases, busting it wide open—because they need your attention or they heard something go bump in the night and want to snuggle with you. So No Rush, No Worries, No Side distractions. It’s just you and your partner all alone in the comfort of your room doing YOUR OWN THING.


7. You won’t be “too tired.”

A long day can really take it out of you, you know. You could come home so exhausted and all you can think of is taking a shower and just dozing off. So why not reserve s£x for the mornings immediately after you’ve had a good night’s sleep? Yeah, you probably won’t be bursting with so much energy the second you open your eyes but it definitely won’t be same as when you’re totally exhausted from the previous day’s stress. Plus, it won’t take long to ‘get there’ having in mind what’s in stock for you. And the energy spent would definitely be worth it.


8. It’s a Breath-taking Session.

With morning S£x and lovemaking, you experience the Morning Wonder! Oh geez! In the early hours of the morning, the male test0sterone levels are higher and your man can put forth a valiant effort under the sheets. Since he has more power most especially at that time of the morning, your snuggling can endure significantly longer. Hold onto the occasion baby! Cuz he’s sure gonna send you both to cloud 9–over and over again. So don’t let go! Yeeeehhh!!


9. Higher Chance of Reaching the Big ‘O’.

Our bodies are actually primed for stronger 0rgasms right after we wake up. To top that off, test0sterone usually spikes in the morning in both men and women. So you can count on an increase in libid0 and heightened gen!tal sensitivity, particularly if your partner has a pen!s, because their er£ctions will be much stronger in the morning. So not only will your 0rgasm be stronger than usual, it’ll be easier to nab, too… which takes us to the next point.


10. It’s your Answer to Mismatched Libid0s.

You can call it Nature’s Therapy. For example, you notice your partner has been feeling fr!sky and you just can’t get on their level to satisfy their urg£s and crav!ngs, Swidy, let morning s£x be your remedy. You Know Why? It’s simple. That’s because getting in the mood in the morning really doesn’t require much effort from you or your partner. For the men, they always wake up with a b0ner ready for the romps and action. It comes naturally and with the morning energy supplied by mother nature, you’ll both find yourselves doing wonders to each other’s bodies, matching up to each other’s libid0s and giving each other premium and maximum satisfaction.


A Quick Tip and Bonus? Oh! YES.

11. Morning S£x Keeps Your Relationship Fresh.

Yes! it sure does. But honey…Even if you feel that s£x at night is more your thing because it works better for your schedule, still ensure you make morning s£x a part of your relationship—even if it’s done only on occasions. Better some than none, right? Anything that adds variety and spontaneity to your relationship is a good thing. Variety is the Spice of Life… Remember that.

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