How I Rap£d My Husband

My husband and I were having a f!ght. So we were not talking. He was giving me the silent treatment. I also ignored him and we went on like that for the whole day.


After work that day, I returned home, made dinner and we ate. He went in to sleep while I stayed back to watch my programs. Later, I joined him in bed. I couldn’t sleep. I kept turning and tossing. I was restless. I went to drink cold water and returned. He was fast asleep already. I was so h0rny, but we were f!ghting so I had to suppress my urges.


Early morning, I got up to pee. When I returned, he was still sleeping but he had a strong er£ction. This made me even more h0rny.

I looked at it for a while and wondered, “but this thing is mine nau… Why am I making shakara.” That was how I slowly took it out and grabbed it in my mouth oo.


Someone that was sleeping suddenly woke up and said, “what are you doing?” I didn’t even answer him. He said, “stoppppppp.” Again, he said, “stoooooooooopppppp.” I stopped sucking, shifted pants and sat on it jeje. I was still beefing him of course but the beef did not reach that side please. I started rolling and whining and flipping and thr*sting.


Someone that was m*d at me suddenly started m0aning… “Baby stop this.. Stopeeeeet.. Stooop ahh stoop,” he screamed. I was just giving him side eye. That was how we both came crumbling and collapsing with so much passion.


After that, I went to shower and dressed up for work. He asked, “where are you going?” I replied, “work of course.” He then said, “do you realise you just used and d*mped me???” And that was how we burst out laughing.


We both had breakfast and left for work. Then he sent me sweet messages later.. “Baby I want us to f!ght more often. This our cute little f!ght was so adorable and you totally kn0cked me off this morning because you hardly initiate s£x. So keep it up. Love you and have a nice day.”


Since I received this text, I’ve been smiling…

Love is beautiful… Marriage is wonderful.

May you have the marriage of your dreams.


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