0rgasm: Benefits of Reaching the Big ‘O’

S£x, no doubt, is pretty great, amazing and geez! refreshing. But there’s just something about adding a touch or series of mind-blowing 0RGASM to it that makes “doing the do” that much better, sweeter and worthwhile. Yeah yeah, you heard me right.


Still skeptical? Not to worry. Simply scroll down for every single benefit that reaching the big ‘O’ has to offer–and see how much hotter your lay even gets.


1. Instant Mood Booster.

You know that rush that comes on when you’re doing something active? Getting up and moving feels quite taxing on the body for a second, but then, the moment you accomplish that task, you’re totally blissed out. You can thank the Endorphins (i.e. pain-k!lling hormones), released during s£x (and exercise) for that. After you climax, those endorphins create a feel-good mood that will stick with you long after your last m0an.


2. Natural Pain K!ller.

Those endorphins released during 0rgasm also help ease pain from cramps, bodyaches or headaches that might come later on. What more? You can even decide to get it on already if you feel any headache cuz it’s definitely going to ease those aches in no distant time. So Consider it ‘Nature’s Ibuprofen’.


3. It Gives You a Nice and Natural Glow.

Oh! Yes. 0rgasm has a way of making us glooooow! Climaxing actually releases chemicals that boost levels of Estr0gen, which can improve the tone and texture of our skins and hair. Still Doubtful?? Okay let’s do this…. When next you get intimate with your partner and you reach 0rgasm, take some time and have a proper sleep. When you wake up (most especially the next morning), go take a look at yourself in the mirror and observe your face for a while. That way, you’ll get to see things for yourself and then you’ll also believe this exact point I just listed.. TESTED AND TRUSTED!


4. It Induces Relaxation and a Better Sleep Quality

S£x helps you catch some Zs and not just because it’ll tire you out (though an intense romp can), but because when you have s£x AND reach 0rgasm, your brain releases 0xytocin, (i.e. our feel-good hormone); lowers Cortisol (i.e. the stress hormone) and as well, releases Melatonin which helps us sleep. This combination of chemicals creates the perfect recipe for a deeper sleep. This means you’ll definitely have a good sleep before you get it on with whatever activities or chores that await you.


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  1. Emmy Brown says:

    You are such a great writer 🍻🙌


    1. Awwwn… Thank you☺️


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