Emmy Brown – O ga-adiri m Mma

The song, “O Ga-adiri m Mma” meaning, “It shall be well with me,” is a Christian, inspirational music, which was recently released by a multi-talented Gospel Singer and Minister, Emmy Brown, who’s gradually coming to limelight.

Serenity of the Mountain Top

Hey Sugars!!! Have you ever been to the mountain before or probably gone on a Pilgrimage? What exactly is being to the mountain top like? Well, I’ve been to the mountain myself. Actually, when the plan for the mountain visitation was announced in Church by our Pastor, I said to myself that I wasn’t going….

How My Friend Almost Lost His Wife on Cross-over Day

So on cross over day, my friend and his wife were being sorrowful. His wife who was over 37 weeks old pregnant with twins was rushed to the hospital. Before then, she had observed that through out that day, she wasn’t feeling any movement of the babies and was feeling pains. She informed her husband…