How My Friend Almost Lost His Wife on Cross-over Day

So on cross over day, my friend and his wife were being sorrowful. His wife who was over 37 weeks old pregnant with twins was rushed to the hospital.

Before then, she had observed that through out that day, she wasn’t feeling any movement of the babies and was feeling pains.


She informed her husband who suggested that they visit the hospital. But she thought the movement would come.

When it didn’t happen, she got uncomfortable and couldn’t wait anymore. Then she and her husband went to the hospital. They were in the hospital for about 2 hours without being attended to.


Eventually, when they saw the doctor. He tried listening to the heart beats of the babies using the fetal stethoscopes. Unfortunately, nothing was heard. There was no movement also. The doctor advised that the woman get scanned. She was.

Following, they broke the news to her that her babies were d£ad.


I had to go see them in the hospital as they already told my friend that those babies had to be brought out of the woman.

When I saw her. She was drenched in tears. She told me that we should take her to another hospital. She said her babies are not d£ad. That she had told God.

I could understand that the most painful of all for a mother, is to part ways with her children. The incomparable bond. I was equally weeping.


She kept telling me, she wants to go to another hospital. Her husband said that the other hospital they are registered is General, which will not be easy to see the doctor. But she kept insisting.

So, I told my friend that we should take her to general as requested. Reluctantly he agreed. Through out, she kept praying. Praying in pains. Repeating that her babies are not d£ad.

We got there. Spent another one hour and the doctor confirmed the same thing.


My friend has his HMO running in the previous private hospital, so we had to return to the hospital.

On the way, the pain got intensified. It was unbearable. We began to pray, telling God that she must not d!e.

My friend’s wife is a twin. Her twin sister was already waiting for us at the hospital. She kept calling and calling. That was the first time I knew she was a twin.


So when we arrived, she joined her in the ward. Because she was going to get undressed and prepared for the operation.

I was outside. Staring at the sky and then thinking about life. Nothing like having peace. I began to pray to God. Reminding Him of His goodness; of His mercy.


I prayed that he show us mercy. To preserve the life of this woman. Because things were already complicated.

I was still outside when they brought the news that the heartbeats of the babies can be heard. It was unbelievable!

I didn’t even know how to react or what to say, but I wanted to get inside and see. It was too big to believe. God’s miracle is big: Bigger and beyond our understanding.


The operation was done successfully and the babies are alive.

Permission is taken to share this. I share to boost your faith in God. To remind you that God is alive and that God is capable to change your story whosoever you may be.


Just keep trusting Him and never stop believing. How He will do it, I don’t know, but He will answer your prayer soonest.

~Oluwanishola Akeju~

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