Introducing YouTube to Our Packages

Hey Sugars! What’s good? It’s been a while yunno.. lol… And no, I didn’t abandon you guys… I did NOT.. I just have been up to a lot lately…. For good though…

And guess what guys!??? We’ve decided to include YOUTUBE to Our Packages! So what now?…It’s VLOGGING time!!!



We came up with this Vlogging idea to help our readers understand what they read in a more effective and effortless way… And I bet you’d love our reason for coming up with this idea.

And this whole YouTubing ‘n’ Vlogging Series is Captioned:- Moments with Livie.


You can check out the video on YouTube to better understand our reasons for this development.

CHANNEL NAME:ā€“ Olive Ezeobi
TITLE:ā€“ My Reason for Vlogging


And guys….. Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to the channel while at it and also turn on the Notification Bell. Thank you! šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

Stay tuned for more ARTICLES from us and oh! VIDEOS Too… I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

This is the DiaryofaSavvyLady.


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