Late Ma’am Osinachi Nwachukwu – My Truthful Take On Her Demise

A lot has really been going on lately concerning the loss of a Popular Gospel Singer, Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu and there’s really no point repeating what has already been said by almost everyone. I mean… the news is everywhere and it has kept many so sad and weeping. I’m not left out in this rush of sad emotions because I’m equally so pained right now. Why? Because her d£ath was really AVOIDABLE…if the right and proper thing had been done at the right time… whilst there was still time…. Ample time at that.


But I must say this… The problem with some of us is that we don’t like or want to learn or even hear things that ordinarily, should help us avoid certain problems and predicaments in life even when it’s free and will cost us nothing…

We would always wait till we are in deep trouble or close to it before we start learning those things we know we should have learnt, which would definitely help in avoiding those future problems…and by then…it could be too late.


It’s a pity, very unfortunate and undoubtedly ascertained that Late Ma’am Osinachi met and married this first kind of man… “THE HUNTER MAN” …which happens to be the reason her life was cut short and ended in this sudden and trag!c manner.

Now that she’s gone… evidences have been flying in, left right and center… Evidences to prove that she was indeed a victim of domestic violence.


But this is what we call “MEDICINE AFTER D£ATH”. ONLY IF she or the people surrounding her who were aware of what she was passing through had spoken up earlier and brought up these evidences that are now flying everywhere…then it would have made much sense.. Her Life would have been Spared and still be Intact by now. But right now… It’s almost a total waste because she’s gone and GONE FOR GOOD!!


Yes I’m aware that she “CONFIDED” in her friends and family not to say anything about her marital challenges… But now that she’s d£ad...k!lled by her own husband…why are you guys now talking? You should have continued keeping quiet since you people want to keep such devi0us and ug!y incident a secret… Afterall…she “CONFIDED” in you guys right?


Yes, I’m also aware that these evidences are enough to put the culprit and usel£ss godf0rsaken husband of hers behind bars but my question now is…. IS IT REALLY GOING TO BRING HER BACK TO LIFE??? BRETHREN IS IT???


Well your guess is as good as mine.. It’s obviously not.. Now what’s going to happen to the kids she left behind?? Her demise is really Saddening!

Indeed she touched lives whilst still alive… and even in her d£ath… she’s still saving s0uls… although in a very unusual way. Nevertheless, we all strongly believe that Heaven has gained a Soul… A SWEET ONE at that.


Again… I’m a hundred and one percent certain that Most Gullibl£ and Adamant Women will still hear these Words of Awakening going round and keep their ears like they heard nothing… And then tomorrow, we’ll start to hear stories that touch the s0ul again…

To better understand the kinds of men in our society and which particular one you should let into your life as a woman… I would strongly advise you read this article- “The 3 Kinds of Men – Making the Right Choice.”


Also, you could choose to go with the visual version of it for better illustration. Use the link directly below to see the video which talks on the 3 KINDS OF MEN.


The video is still available on Our YouTube Channel for those who want to learn and safeguard their lives and future.



We hope this case study breeds a generation with stronger women coupled with better and more responsible men…

May we never fall victims of such trag£dy again.

This is the DiaryofaSavvyLady.


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    Your hands are blessed when it comes to writing.

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