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Hi Sugars! What’s good? It’s been a while And no, we didn’t abandon you guys…we did NOT. We’ve just been up to a whole lot lately. For good though… And now guess what guys!???

We Bring You Good News!


And so with so much excitement and jubilation in our hearts, we are pleased to announce to you all that we have OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED our YouTube Channel…. HURRAAAYY!!!

So on that note, we joyfully present to you all OLIVERATIPS YOUTUBE CHANNEL Can Someone Shout Hallelujah!!! I’m pretty certain you’re excited as we are right now.


So guys, this YouTube Channel was specially mapped out to dish out practical and amazing video tips on a variety of topics ranging from:
Love, Dating, Marriage, Relationships, S3x, Romance, Intimacy, Health, Fitness, Etiquette, Life Tips, Psychological Evaluations, Spirituality and a host of other interesting, educative and beneficial topics... all with the purpose of nourishing the body, spirit, soul and mind.


So right now… This is Our Only Official YouTube Channel. Do well to take some moments off to Visit the Channel, so as to get an insight of what exactly we have in store for you guys. One more thing…? Do NOT hesitate to SUBSCRIBE to the channel while at it; and also Turn on the Post Notifications as We sincerely hope that You get to ENJOY your stay with us as we embark on this MEMORABLE and EXCEPTIONAL TRIP 🙂


Also, we are open to Counselling and Therapy Sessions… I’m sure you like the sound of that, don’t you?

Stay tuned for more Interesting ARTICLES from us and oh! Captivating VIDEOS too… WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



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    […] sugars! What’s good? We bring you another good, exciting and amazing news. […]


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