14 Days Challenge for June

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again!!! Let’s begin this sixth month of the year with these simple but handsomely rewarding tips for a healthier lifestyle and get rid of all the junk foods during these 14 days. It’s a Food Challenge Honey. Say no to Junks!

30 Tips to Keeping yourself Happy and Grounded

Having some bad moments or passing through some rough times and desperately looking for a way out? It’s all good swidy. Take a chiil pill cuz We’ve got you covered big time honey. So here are some simple tips to keep you happy, focused, positive and grounded in life.

14 Days Challenge for May

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again. Have you been so bored or worked up these past weeks as a result of the global pandemic and you find yourself gradually losing touch of reality and sanity? Are you the type who loves challenges been thrown at them? Here’s a list of challenges you can engage in to spice up your life for a maximum of fourteen days. They aren’t only healthy honey, they are amazing and fun too.

Morning Habits to Stick with

New Day..New Blessings. Each day comes with it’s own routine, schedule to say and of course, blessings too.

Coping with Stress

Life first..anything else follows. Life comes with ups and downs. Everyone has their own elastic limit at which they can’t exceed. No two people are exactly the same and as such, some people have the ability to adapt and cope with stress much more than their counterparts. Trying to exceed your elastic limit can result to physical, mental, emotional or psychological breakdown. However, they are some ways in which one can deal with the daily stress as they arise.