0rgasm: Benefits of Reaching the Big ‘O’

S£x, no doubt, is pretty great, amazing and geez! refreshing. But there’s just something about adding a touch or series of mind-blowing 0RGASM to it that makes “doing the do” that much better, sweeter and worthwhile. Yeah yeah, you heard me right. Still skeptical? Not to worry. Simply scroll down for every single benefit that reaching the big…

Morning S£X: 10 Reasons You Should Get It On in the A.M

Good Morning S£x! And oooh! my gosh… Here comes our Morning Glory – Hallelujah! You know that feeling of sleeping beside your lover each night and waking up next to them every blessed morning? Well…that’s one of the best feelings in the world. But then.. that feeling is just as sweet as waking up to…

30 Simple but Romantic Ways to Make Her Smile

In a relationship, every woman deserves a man who makes her happy. A man who treats her like she’s the only woman on Earth. A man who looks her in the eyes, call her “my love” and really means it. She deserves that man who is proud to call her BABY!!! Kïsses her like he…

A-Z Romantic / Sweet Names to Call your Loved Ones.

Oh! Yes.. Love is sweet when you’re with the right person. And frankly speaking, we all want to love and be loved in return. So here’s a list of 100+ adorable, sweet, cute, mind-blowing, heart-warming, heart-melting, tantalizing and romantic nicknames for that special one in your life. I bet you could never go wrong with these.

15 Ways to Become Your Man’s Peace.

Stability… one of the greatest needs and desire of every human out there, but most especially, the men folk. Any woman who desires to see her man happy and live longer must learn to give him peace, through these following ways.