21 Days Challenge for November.

Couples Edition – 21 Ways to say, ‘I Love you’, without actually voicing it out. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on this very month’s challenge, right? Yeah yeah.. So let’s do this!

Smooching Hacks – Drive them Crazy Simply by Kissing

Okay so you’ve been hanging out or maybe actually going out with this new girl for quite some time now and you feel it’s about time you made that first move towards her. Or maybe, you’re even in a relationship with this person and you want to spice things up just a bit. Oh! Dear…

20 Ways to Know Someone Truly Loves You

At some points in our lives, we get to meet people who care for us and treat us in certain loving and admirable ways. Sometimes these special treatment can be quite confusing and we aren’t too sure if the person really loves us or if they are just being nice to us. However, there are still ways to know if it’s just niceness or something much more beyond that.

20 Signs You are Really Into Someone

Being into someone is just a slang for saying you love someone. When you’re into someone, you’re kind of a bit scared of what all that means. But even at that, you’re too excited to let it hold you back and the feeling of getting to know them is similar to unwrapping a present.

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Don’t get it twisted baby cuz Love is indeed a Beautiful thing!.. Are you itching to get your beloved a special gift for Valentine but you have no clue what to get him or her… Not even sure what your lover would love? Oh! Well… Take a chiiiiiill pill huni, cuz you’ve come to the right place.