21 Days Challenge for November.

Couples Edition – 21 Ways to say, ‘I Love you’, without actually voicing it out. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on this very month’s challenge, right? Yeah yeah.. So let’s do this!

14 Days No-Junks Challenge

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again!!! Let’s begin this sixth month of the year with these simple but handsomely rewarding tips for a healthier lifestyle and get rid of all the junk foods during these 14 days. It’s a Food Challenge Honey. Say no to Junks!

14 Days Challenge for May

Hurray! It’s a brand new month again. Have you been so bored or worked up these past weeks as a result of the global pandemic and you find yourself gradually losing touch of reality and sanity? Are you the type who loves challenges been thrown at them? Here’s a list of challenges you can engage in to spice up your life for a maximum of fourteen days. They aren’t only healthy honey, they are amazing and fun too.