How I Rap£d My Husband

My husband and I were having a f!ght. So we were not talking. He was giving me the silent treatment. I also ignored him and we went on like that for the whole day. After work that day, I returned home, made dinner and we ate. He went in to sleep while I stayed back…

Dating, Courtship and Marriage

A lot of people still mistake “dating” for “courtship”. Although both terms are inter-related and include forms of human relations, they still don’t entirely mean the same thing. This article is a detailed Guide to Understanding the difference between Dating, Courtship and Marriage.

30 Simple but Romantic Ways to Make Her Smile

In a relationship, every woman deserves a man who makes her happy. A man who treats her like she’s the only woman on Earth. A man who looks her in the eyes, call her “my love” and really means it. She deserves that man who is proud to call her BABY!!! Kïsses her like he…

15 Ways to Become Your Man’s Peace.

Stability… one of the greatest needs and desire of every human out there, but most especially, the men folk. Any woman who desires to see her man happy and live longer must learn to give him peace, through these following ways.

10 Things Men Secretly Desire… but may not say

What exactly do men really want, need and desire in a relationship? Women have asked this question severally in the past, are currently asking and will still ask in the future. Long story cut short…here are ten ways to find out.